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    The Chicago Tribune reported this morning that Congress is packing up and going home
    for the holidays without taking action on the payroll tax cut bill. Because the hard-charging conservative House Republicans refused to consider even a minor tax increase on a small percentage of the wealthiest Americans, 160,000,000 million Americans are going to see their taxes go UP on January 1. In addition, roughly 3,000,000 of the 13.3 million unemployed Americans are going to see their long term unemployment benfits come to a screeching halt, and doctors are going to see a 20% decrease in the amount that they receive for Medicare.,0,6075391.story

    Strange as it may seem, the organization that seems to be working the hardest to help President Obama get re-elected is the Republican Party, but he is also being helped
    my the falling unemployment rate, which you can read about at the link below:

    Regardless of how much money the Republican Party has received from the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch, the politicians that make up the Grand Old Party are going to finally wake up to a very simple truth in 2012.

    If you can forgive the vulgarity, that simple truth is this:

    If you piss off most of the country, you ain't gonna get re-elected.
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    Lindsay Graham just introduced a national ban on abortion. Since the bill has zero chance of getting passed in either the House of the Senate, all he really accomplished is convincing even more people NOT to vote for the Republicans in November. The last sentence from my previous post still applies.

    As Heather Cox Richardson noted last night, Texas will not be publishing maternal death data until AFTER the mid-terms, which means that it very likely is not good news, since their restrictions on abortions have brought us back to those golden days of yesteryear, where women died from unsafe abortions.

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    Lindsy Graham is an "braindead gay asshole" who got elected by similar assholes in his State. I wrote many times about that this country should stop with an 1776 "law structure". The "system" here is "broken". Allow only people in the government who have "integrity" and proper education. There should be an "qualification test" for these people. Also throwing so much "money" around in elections is asking for getting "idiots" in the government. Start with taking "money" out of "elections"; but here the "huge" piles of money" in elections makes it even worse than in the past. You can thank the Trump "regime" for it who "bought" his function as well. Sorry people "money" never gets you the right persons with dedication and "knowledge" for the job.

    It will only "create" another Russia like structure, where the "rich" (the same as "oligarc's") run the show. Musk and Trump as well others are already an example of how they "meddle" in "companies" and the "government" with lots of money, to get it their way

    Sorry this country is absolutely on the wrong track; the stock market is also run by "super crooks" ; it shows.

    Please bring a zillion barf buckets.