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Liberate Congress from The Contract From America

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    How can we liberate or defeat members of Congress who signed The Contract From America?
    I think that should be a headline feature of the liberal agenda, to win back a significant majority in Congress.

    I registered this weekend as an Independent on the Democratic Hub.  I recognized Tom Horner on the list of Independents. He was a candidate for Minnesota Governor in 2010.  I questioned his independence that year, because I remember some of his hard line opinions as a news anchor on KMSP-TV in the Twin Cities.  I had forgotten what happened as a result of his declaration of independence.

    Here is a quote from an article about him in Wikipedia.  Browse around. There is more interesting stuff that relates to the gridlock in Congress resulting from the conservative Contract From America.  The only Republican I voted for (in thirty years) among those listed was David Durenburger, a true Independent.

    "For supporting Horner, 18 Republicans, including Durenberger, Carlson, and Quie, were banned from participating in the Republican Party of Minnesota for two years.
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    I noticed that the Contract from America has ties to both the Tea Party and Americans for Prosperity, both of which are funded by the Koch brothers. I wasn't familiar with the Contract from America (or the Contract TO America), but it appears that Grover Norquist isn't the only crazy guy out there. Incidentally, his "Taxpayer Protection Pledge" has been signed by 95% of all Republican congressmen, and all but one of the Republican Presidential candidates, which is precisely why Congress has been deadlocked for virtually all of this year.

    In view of the fact that Norquist has ties to terrorist finaciers Abdurahman Alamoudi and Sami Al-Arian, I fail to undertand the control that he has over the Republican Party.

    I suspect that Roger Ailes (the head of Fox News) will be doing his best to promote both
    the Contract FROM America and the Contract TO America. Come to think of it, even his boss (Rupert Murdoch) thinks he's crazy too, which means that none of us has to put forth much effort to see the circus, which is sometimes described as the Republican Presidential race for 2012.