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"Tea Party = Racism, Violence, Corporate Welfare, Pedophilia, and now... MURDER? TP: Patriots or Terrorists?"

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    I am an Inventor, Filmmaker, SAG Actor, Political Junkie & Activist.  My name is J.D. (Jeffrey Dean) Newsom and I’m currently “Under-Employed”.   I have worked as a Sales Representative for Australian Gold Suncare Products for the past 18 years (which is a testament to my loyalty & dependability),   but as a father of two, I need to earn more than my current median salary allows AND as an political activist & aspiring filmmaker, I desperately need to do something more meaningful with my life than sales.  Last year, I created a documentary video which examined the topic of assassination from a historical perspective, and raised questions about whether or not Hateful rhetoric, (as expressed by many Tea Party candidates), is legitimate…  or instead, whether this kind of threatening language might instead be divisive or even detrimental to our election process-- by stirring the flames of RACISM & HOSTILITY.
    I have a long list of new product inventions, including H2Ocean ( - sold $10 million worldwide in 2010… unfortunately I sold my ½ in 2002), (JunkMail 4 JobSeekers), Surfer Snax, Blender Buddies, SmoothiE-Z, Ash-Holes, and StashKans.  I’m a Journalism Major (Advertising) from UNC at Chapel Hill, and I currently live in S. Florida.   I love to travel, and would be willing to uproot my family and relocate (almost anywhere) for the right position.  I’m highly motivated—perhaps even a bit manic at times (when I’m working on a project that I truly believe in) because of my passion, dedication, and perfectionism.  I enjoyed making this video as much as anything I’ve ever done before, and more than anything else in the world, I’d love to pursue a career in political advertising, political journalism, or working for a political candidate or cause that I believe in. As an environmental activist, vegan, and progressive free thinker, it would be very rewarding for me personally to know that my efforts could help make the world a better place. Thank You for your time and interest.  Sincerely Yours, Jd
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    You're kidding about the Tea Party, right?
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    For someone who thinks the world of himself and professes to have some sort of education, you sure as hell fit in with the mudslingers of the left, stating accusations without fact.
    Racists? Your amusing little film is based on your own bias, and ideas of what you think is the Tea Party. The left believes that if you tell a lie long enough, often enough and to enough people, it will become the truth. That's not the way it works,JD, and shame on you for spewing your own brand of hate. But, I'm sure the Obama campaign would love to take you onboard to spread their brand of the "truth". Fortunately, come January of 2012, you and he will be out of work!
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    I live in virginia and to think Eric Cantor is to makes me sick. wallstreet and the republicains seem to be on the path of the romans. thay were all for the uper class disregarding the poor and plegs maid this led to the down fall of rome . The tea party came into power by frightend people now thay are acting more like NAZIS than part of the USA.
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    Are there racist elements within the Tea-Party? Of course there is. If you look you can find racist elements anywhere. I don't, however, think racism is a driving force of the tea-party. If you really want to show how absurd the tea-party is, you don't have to look much farther than the leaders they chose to represent them, like Sarah Palin.

    I feel you can't hold an entire group responsible for a few random people that you find in the crowds.
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    I have not been able to see otherdude's film or video yet, my computer won't pick it up, but the Tea Party has not tried to present a sweet warm fuzzy image of itself. They carried racist signs of Obama in pygmy african tribal clothing, slur signs about Islam, calling up members of Congress & threatening their children if they vote for healthcare, & carrying loaded guns around a Democrat political rally. It has done nothing to make serious people admire the Tea Party. Their candidates have often shown low IQ which does not present an image worthy to occupy the Oval Office in the WhiteHouse. It is not indecent to point out obvious problems with your opponent's character or qualifications for the Presidency. It IS indecent to falsely malign or try to discredit an honest hard-working man like Obama. (WIN Again in 2012)

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    I want to comment on the supposed "racist signs" at Tea Party gatherings.  How do you not know that radical
    elements on the Left aren't crashing Tea Party events?  Who is not to say that sign carrying, racist characters aren't simply 
    Liberal plants posing as Tea Party activitists so as to discredit the movement?   Food for thought.  Since this is an open
    minded, politically correct, town hall type forum;  I'm sure my post will stand so that others may voice their opinions
    whether they agree or disagree with me.
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    I don't like to engage most Republicans in debate on issues because for the most part I find them dismissive of facts or alternative views. The terms I have sometimes used are "willful ignorance" or "invincible ignorance" or "cognitive dissonance." Even "pride in ignorance," a term coined by Obama when he was ridiculed by the far right for suggesting that inflating tires to proper pressures improves gas mileage. I have received some of those right wing hate e-mails from Republican friends that circulate them around the internet, and when I push back at them using Snopes or, the typical response is "Oh I don't believe any of that stuff that comes out of Snopes." They believe what they want to believe...facts don't matter.

    And so it goes with Llagerdog's dismissive response to Dana's list of articles documenting racism in the Tea Party. I could add to Dana's list with such IREHR articles as:

    IREHR: Tea Party Express (Again) Gives Platform to Bigot

    IREHR: Tea Parties - Racism, Anti-Semitism and the Militia Impulse

    IREHR: Who is an American? Tea Parties, Nativism, and the Birthers

    But I know that those articles will never be opened and read. I know because I have tried again and again with former colleagues, friends and relatives that call themselves Republican.

    I also know that the only source of news for them is Fox News...or maybe they also listen to Rush Limbaugh. Yet University of Maryland studies have shown more than once that Fox News viewers are the most ignorant of the issues of the day. And I can certainly understand why as I occasionally tune into Sean Hannity or Fox and Friends.

    I have responded to llagerdog's posting above, but I won't make a habit of wastes my time.
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    Oh c'mon Schmidt, lighten up.  The only point I was trying to make is that (just maybe) some of the folks gathered at Tea
    Party rallies just MIGHT be individuals who disagree with Conservatives.  It is their south lawn of the Capitol too,
    and they're welcome to check it out.  I have often times gone to anti-war rallies, and a few months ago I visited the
    "Occupy" site up in NYC...just so I could have a first hand look without media bias from FOX or MSNBC.  But I was
    there, and it doesn't mean I necessarily agreed with cause of the protest.  Thank you mentioning the University of
    Maryland, it's a great ACC school.  And yes, I sometimes watch FOX and listen to Rush well as MSNBC,
    CNN, ABC, and HN.  I also read the Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, Wsahington Times, and the Hagerstown 
    Herald-Mail.  I like getting points of view from all sides.  Lean Forward Now.
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    Okay...maybe I was a bit hard on you. I'll explain. As a son of a miner, I grew up with very little...on a few occasions we even had to rely on welfare food handouts when the miners were on strike. So I have deep empathy for those that are struggling in this economy just trying to put food on the table for their family. I experienced that and know what it is like.

    After college I "lived" in the corporate world my entire working career until I retired. About 16 years of that was in overseas locations, and even more than that on business travel. Those experiences gave me an appreciation of other cultures and religions. But at the same time I was largely ignorant of much of American politics. And most all of my work colleagues were self identified Republicans...I considered myself an Independent, but my childhood experiences of my hard working blue collar Dad pushed me to the left.

    After retiring and returning to the States I had a rather clean political slate... Democratically leaning but would happily consider Republicans based on what their views were. My Republican friends recommended that I watch this guy on Fox News named Bill O'Reilly...I had never heard of him, but it didn't take me long to recognize in O'Reilly a bully type personality that was heavy on bullying his guests and short on facts. I saw those same stereotypes at work rising to the level of their incompetence.

    Ditto for some of the others. One relative was heavy into Rush Limbaugh and the more I listened to Limbaugh the more I despised him.

    It was in trying to share my new found liberal views with my Republican friends that I first encountered frustrations. During my working career I had worked closely with these guys conducting in-depth technical audits of proposed projects worldwide doing risk analysis of all the technical, economic, environmental, and political variables. They were very good in evaluating all the pros and cons on the issues and putting together coherent assessments of the proposed projects and risk. But now when it came to assessing the pros and cons of political issues, somehow they ignored all that experience. I noted that while they were quite capable of regurgitating Republican talking points, the depth of thought behind their thinking was very shallow or non-existent. To counter their stated views, I would conduct research on issues and compile spreadsheets of all the pros and cons on issues and share those facts with them, but no...they wouldn't consider them. That's when I started using the terms "willful ignorance" and "cognitive dissonance" to describe their behavior, something I learned from delving into psychological traits and behavior. I also noticed that in visiting them, their TVs were always tuned to Fox News so I correlated willful ignorance with their knowledge source: Fox News. Every since I have been a strong critic of Fox News in this website.

    When Obama was elected the discussions turned even worse. Their views became even more extreme tinged with hate and anger directed against Obama, even before his first day in the Presidency. Much of it was based on total ignorance with no regards for facts. No application of the critical thinking skills that I knew they once exhibited. Again I attribute much of that to the Fox News syndrome. And as I have mentioned in other posts, hate, anger and fear is what inhibits critical thinking, and Fox News exploits those traits daily for profit.

    So for you or anyone else that wants to discuss or debate me on issues I will do that if you provide a respectful factual intellectual analysis to back your views up...with links to good sources. But simply bad mouthing Obama with cliches that you might have picked up in Fox News will get push back from me pretty quickly. I have found myself wasting time trying to put forth opposing arguments when I get nothing in return but the regurgitated talking points. So generally I will be critical of any Republicans that mimic that behavior.

    Perhaps I do indeed need to lighten up, but at times I snap back. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll work on it.
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    Schmidt: I appreciate your mini-bio. Your background being a mixture of struggle and success truly exemplifies that in America anything is possible. I do understand that your left leaning political feelings are a tribute to your father. I can relate, because I had one set of grandparents who were loyal FDR New Deal Democrats. However, I told you earlier how growing up so closely to Mayor Daley's political machine in Chicago soured me on the Democrat Party. Once my political awareness began at age 9 or 10, I was never able to separate the Democrats from corruption (I take that back, I disliked Nixon and Ford so much that I actually voted for Jimmy Carter, twice!). Corruption in Chicago did not begin with the first Mayor Daley either. It goes back to Cermak, Kennelly, and has roots back to the days of Capone and the bootleggers. Now fast forward to 2011. I spent a good portion of this past June witnessing the disinterment of 8 ancestors from a cemetery near O'Hare Field.
    Why? Because the State of Illinois and City of Chicago felt it necessary to needlessly build an extra set of runways for O'Hare, an already over stressed airport. Again why?
    So politicians, most or all of whom are Democrats, can fill their pockets with bribes from
    contractors, airlines, and industrial park developers. And by the way, Rod Blagojevich was not absent from the scene. Some posters on this blog frequently complain about dirty deals by and for "big oil" companies and their executives. My personal complaints lie with dirty deals by and for Democrats in my native Illinois. On a slightly related note, President Obama does not bode well with me; he having received his political training in the Windy City. His being a Chicagoan is the major reason why I simply do not trust him.

    I will not post any links. I do not regard my old desktop here, as I do not wish to spread a virus unintentionally. But if you desire to read more about my family church/cemetery and its ten year legal battle with the City of Chicago, "Google" something along the lines of
    St. Johannes Cemetery, Bensenville, Illinois.

    You mentioned O"Reilly, Limbaugh, and Hannity. Yeah, I sometimes listen or watch them; as I do Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, and Chris Matthews on MSNBC. But when you mention hate and anger, pay attention to MSNBC, especially Chris Matthews. He is often rude to his guests, Liberal or Conservative. He frequently interrupts them. He will ask a question, and the guest will be about five words into an answer and he is already in disagreement. He will Op Ed on people with political views similar to mine, and in a very bigoted fashion accuse every Conservative of being a birther, or racist, or automatically against Roe v Wade. In my opinion, it is far worse behavior than anything I've seen on FOX.

    Anyway, I came to realize years ago. All these talking heads, from Limbaugh to Matthews, it is all about ratings more then anything. The shock is part of the entertainment, and the shock attracts advertizing. Yes, there is some news in there, and some information. But more then anything, these clowns (on both sides) are just getting paid to either get viewers/listeners angry, or make them feel their views are correct. So don't get worked up over FOX, it's not worth it. Although I think they're more balanced than MSNBC. After all, FOX has Juan Williams as a contributor.
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    Further on my frustration in trying to get Republican friends to even think about some facts that I have shown them, I dug out this July 2010 article by Joe Keohane from entitled: How facts backfire.

    If you are interested in the subject I encourage you to read the whole article. I liked it because it exactly relates to my own experiences. Keohane writes:

    "Facts don’t necessarily have the power to change our minds. In fact, quite the fact, people often became even more strongly set in their beliefs."

    “The general idea is that it’s absolutely threatening to admit you’re wrong,” says political scientist Brendan Nyhan describing the phenomenon as “backfire” — “a natural defense mechanism to avoid that cognitive dissonance.”

    Keohane ceetainly confirms my experiences in citing research that "suggests that once those facts — or “facts” — are internalized, they are very difficult to budge."

    There's much more in the article, but this might capture your interest.

    Okay...I feel vindicated...and it's why I have such a difficult time trying to educate a Republican with facts.
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    Okay I posted my last comment on facts about the same time you were replying to my post. I agree with you on Chris Matthews. I may agree with him on several political issues but I don't like his interviewing "bully style" talking over people. In fact I hate it and will switch channels when he does it. I don't know why MSNBC gives him two slots in the afternoon.

    And yes, it is all about entertainment...for money...especially Fox News, MSNBC and CNN. They all have to entertain and not just inform. And they all play to their respective niche audiences. MSNBC viewers will seldom tune to Fox News and vice versa.

    And yes there are a few Fox News people that I respect like Shepard Smith, but he also gets attacked by Fox News viewers if he gets too objective.

    I recommend you read the Rolling Stones article on Roger Ailes: How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory

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    Bravo Colorado Springs!

    Maybe I'm just weird, but even though I'm a fiscal Conservative, I really enjoy
    syrfing between MSNBC, FOX, CNN, CSPAN, et al, everyday. I watched the SC GOP Primary
    results on MSNBC tonight, and they did a really decent job. When Rachel, Ed, Chris,
    and Al Sharpton move into the roles of journalist and reporter; they are very on
    subject, on task, and keep to facts instead of opinions. This isn't the first time.
    I watched their presidential election night coverages in 2004 and 2008, and really
    enjoyed the delivery.