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Republican Jewish Forum: Ron Paul not invited

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    The Republican Jewish Forum is being held on December 7th in Washington DC. The Republican Jewish Coalition, sponsors of the event, declined to invite Ron Paul citing his "misguided and extreme views."

    So what are Ron Paul's misguided and extreme views that he is not allowed to discuss Republican strategy for Israel on the same stage as Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman?

    Some quotes compliments of the Huffington Post:

    "He's just so far outside of the mainstream of the Republican party and this organization...inviting him would be like inviting President Barack Obama."

    "At a recent debate, Paul suggested that Israel could take care of itself in the event that it attacked Iran, claiming its undeclared nuclear arsenal made it self-sufficient. "Why does Israel need our help? We need to get out of their way," he said when asked whether he would support an Israeli attack against Iran. If it did happen, "that's their business, but they should suffer the consequences," he added."

    "Paul supported an amendment that would have ended all U.S. aid to Israel, along with Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan. The U.S. sends about $3 billion per year to Israel in military aid alone."

    "Paul criticized U.S. military aid to Israel in an Oct. 18 debate. "That foreign aid makes Israel dependent on us," he said. "It softens them for their own economy. And they should have their sovereignty back, they should be able to deal with their neighbors at their own will."

    Wow what a radical thinker. To question our $3 billion aid to Israel and other countries and then suggest we wouldn't come to Israel's aid if they attacked Iran and Iran retaliated. Extremist views???

    No wonder the Republican Jewish Coalition didn't want him. Everyone has to conform to the Israel Lobby.

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    I actually agree with the first quote. Ron Paul could win the nomination for his party, it's just that the GOP is not really Ron Paul's party.
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    William Glastone of the pro-Israeli New Republic wrote an opinion piece on Israel, December 7, 2011 entitled What Israelis Hear When Officials Talk About Iran

    Glastone reports on what he heard this past weekend sitting in on the "Saban Forum, a high-level, Brookings-sponsored dialogue between Israeli and American officials (current and former) along with journalists, intellectuals, and representatives from other countries in the Middle East." I would expect that this forum would be considerably more intellectually based than the Republican Jewish Forum being held today. Glastone reveals his fears, which are probably reflective of many in Israel:

    "By far the gravest issue, though, was how to proceed in the face of a looming Iranian nuclear threat. I came away from the two days with a dark and disturbing conclusion: There is a gulf between Israel and the United States that could have momentous consequences in 2012. When American officials declare that all options are on the table, most Israelis do not believe them. They have concluded, rather, that when the crunch comes (and everyone thinks it will), the United States will shy away from military force and reconfigure its policy to live with a nuclear-armed Iran. This is an outcome that no Israeli government can tolerate. For Israel, the Palestinian issue is an identity question: What kind of country will Israel be and what kind of life will Israelis lead? But the Iranian issue is an existential question: Will Israel and Israelis survive?"

    So it would appear that many in Israel want the United States of America to support and protect Israel at all costs...even if Israel decides to act unilaterally against Iran without informing the USA. Israel is not the 51st state of the USA, but at times our Congress acts like it is.

    So, I'll throw the question open to this forum. Is Ron Paul right to question our unyielding commitment to Israel? Should we go to war with Iran if Israel demands it?

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    Ron Paul (along with Jon Huntsman) is one of the only Republican candidates with any integrity whatsoever. He doesn’t pander or change his views, and he doesn’t soften his positions to avoid trouble with the Republican base (see his views on aid to Israel). I happen to think that many of his positions are wacky, but I give him credit for standing up for his own sense of the way things should be. In addition, he has no patience for Newt Gingrich and that alone makes him a statesman in my book. Here’s a little limerick that sums up my admiration for the guy. You can find more political poetry, with illustrations, at my blog,

    Ron Paul’s a bit loopey for sure
    But his ideas are decidedly pure.
    So give him some credit
    He won’t deign to edit
    His views for the pollster du jour.
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    The reason why the U.S., Canada and other allies should support Israel in it's uphill climb in the middle east is because they are ALSO a democracy, where people live freely..the rest of the middle east is run by Thugs and tyrants...yet billions of dollars are poured into those countries, knowing full well that the money is not going where it's suppose to go...every country in the world should be concerned that Iran is trying to acquire nucular capabilities..Israel also provides employment to many Palestinians and they also have a large immigrant population....