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With Gadhafi gone, Libya's Interim leader Jalil promises turn around

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    Libya leader Mustafa Abdul Jalil had this to say at a news conference with EU: "We will not be an extremist Islamic country. Our Islam is moderate."

    He was addressing the fear that Libya will become a radically Islamic nation, thus a potential threat to the U.S. and possibly other nations. He seems to be trying to assure everyone that while Libya still acknowledges Sharia Law and is an Islamic nation, it won't get out of hand.
    In fact, he cites examples of Libya becoming more democratic with the fact that women will be able to play a role in Libyan politics and business.

    With Gadhafi gone, do you think that Libya will be able to turn things around?
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    Abdul Jalil is nothing more than a figure-head for the Muslim Brotherhood...Sharia Law is not moderate...period...and to think our Gov't's helped put these radicals in power...
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    It appears from this and other postings that you are both a Mubarak and a Gadahfi supporter.  At least you don't seem to be supportive of the coups in either instance because you don't like any Muslim organizations replacing them period.  Yet Sunni Muslims comprise 90 percent of the population of Egypt and 97 percent of the population of Libya. 

    So just what kind of government do you expect in these countries?  The Muslim Brotherhood is hardly the radical organization that some in the West make it out to be.

    You stated that you are from Canada.  I admire Canada for their cultural diversity and tolerance of others.  You have Americans beat in that regard, although I note that there are more instances of Islamophbia by right wing groups against some Muslims in your country as well.

    I maintain that Islamophobia is based on ignorance and bigotry.  The cognitive dissonance of Islamophobes to be unable to accept that Muslims are anything but their false stereotypes is a sad commentary on our society.  I really don't know where/how/when otherwise good citizens became so Islamophobic, but I do believe that this "hatred" can be overcome by meeting and fraternizing with Muslims.  Seek to understand, to borrow a phrase from Stephen Covey. Living in a perpetual state of hate based on ignorance is not healthy.
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    Schmidt give it about a year...then we'll see who's philosophy on the muslim brotherhood is correct..I'm liking my chances given they intend to bring in Sharia law..
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    The Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaat-e-Islami organizations are fundamentalist Islamic groups that have given rise to offshoot groups like Hamas who wish to destroy secular Islam and Western society through terrorism to bring back to the world a period of religious Muslim rule.

    Some estimates say that Muslims constitute 20 percentof the world's population. Although the exact demographics of the branches of Islam are disputed, most scholars believe that Sunni Muslims comprise 87-90 percent of the world's 1.5 billion Muslims.

    Source: Wikipedia; Hussein Abdulwaheed Amin, "The Origins of the Sunni/Shia split in Islam,"; Picture courtesy of Creative Commons

    Yeah the Muslim Brotherhood are boy scouts.