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Barney Frank Retires

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    Let’s bid adieu to Barney Frank
    The right wing’s bête noire,
    The congressman who knows the most
    ‘Bout banker’s pranks by far.
    Fat cats are celebrating now
    They’re drinking at the bar.
    But they should not relax too much
    No matter who they are,
    ‘Cause Barney’s sworn to give them hell
    And fight them from afar.

    For more of this kind of thing, see my political poetry blog at
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    Rachel Maddow had a tribute to Barney Frank on her show last night. It is worth watching.  We will all miss Barney Frank for his wisdom, his intellectualism, his wit and his 30 years of tenacity in fighting for the oppressed, the poor, minorites, gay rights and the middle class. He represents the best of Congress when Congress has an all time low rating of 9 percent in opinion polls.

    Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi are the two most vilified House Democrats...the targets of daily derision by Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and others on the crazy right.  And that tells me that they are both doing their jobs.

    Here's one extract from Rachel's interview with Barney Frank:

    "They...the right wing has been successful because they can keep things from happening...the people who want to cut the baby in half beat the people who don't want to cut the baby in half..."

    Watch Rachel's entire interview with Barney Frank at the above MSNBC link.
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    Thanks very much. I just watched it - Great!
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    Dear Barney,
     I wish that I could shake your hand.You are everything that a patriot should be.You have done more to move our country forward than any other person.
       I am just wishing you a wonderful,peaceful,life from here.You SAVED me during the TERRIBLE BabyBush years.Having to listen to the rightwingnuts daily for ten years was more than any reasonable human should have to bear.You are the antiSantorum!
                                                        Thank You  Barney