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Governor Martin O'Malley puts GOP lot in their place

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    Governor Martin O'Malley went on CBS's Face The Nation recently and was asked about a few of the GOP hopefuls. He had this to say (thought I'd share):

    “What’s happening in the course of these Republican presidential debates is a lot of sort of erratic statements, a lot of behavior that is not really in keeping with some of the longer traditions of the party of Lincoln. So you see a real pandering to extremists, a pandering to the tea party extremes of the Republican party. And so this is another one in a long series of things that don’t really add up to a lot of practical sense.”

    Hard not to agree, even though this isn't too terribly insightful or specific. But, I added here just to add to the list of Dem Governors that are not afraid so say what's on their mind.