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Herman Cain Campaign Funding Scandal

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    The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that a Wisconsin tax-exempt charity called "Prosperity USA" footed the bill for about $40,000 worth of iPads, chartered airplanes and other expenses as Cain’s campaign got off the ground early this year.

    It's bad enough that Cain's campaign is linked to receiving $40 grand from a tax-exempt charity. What makes it worse is that "Prosperity USA" is financially linked to "Americans for Prosperity", the Tea Party group financed by the billionaire petrochemical brothers, David and Charles Koch. So, the Koch Brothers are indirectly (or possibly very directly) backing Cain's campaign.

    Disappointing as always to hear that corruption like this works. It's just yet another example of how deep the Koch Brothers are in this 'game', rigging the GOP elections as they see fit.

    The Koch Brothers’ Connection To Herman Cain’s Campaign Finance Scandal
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    When it comes to Herman Cain,I do not have much to say about him thay is respectful,in my own feelings I believe most of the women that say they had affairs with Cain,especially the woman who said they had and affair for 13 years why would she make that up,Cain needs to get right with himself,God his wife and the Black race because if this man was not a turn coat to his own race I do not know who else was,if he had remained in the race and lets say gotten the Republican nomination I would ot have voted for the man because as a black man myself he disguts me to no end for they way he did Obama.
    Just as everyone seems to forget that in order for even Romney to win the election to be president he needs the blacks which he will not get as well as the Hispanice whic will not happen and thh Jewish population
    ,all these populations of minority people that anyone in the Republ;ican race needs to win the election seem to forget or have not brought that to the for front and I think they better it is that simple.
    There is no Republican in that field of contenders that will get the black population to move over and vote for them and leave Obama,blowing in the win are you really that stupid and think that you can if that is the case than I have a bridge to no were to sell you,as for my own personal views which everyine makes a bid deal about Romneys religion that I could care less about I remember when the did that when John F.Kennedy,ran for office Irish-Catholic hew won but Romney since he love to (FIRE PEOPLE) he does not deserve the oval office and will not defeat Obama,and that I know and he knows so you want to be all that well lets get this going but all you people who do not bring forth the fact that the three racial groups I just mentioned will decide who will be President of the United States,Romney and thos other dirt bag Republicans better start listening to what they are saying and doing,as for Herman Cain (BITE ME !!) no great lost especially in the black race he would have lost to Obama as well and that is a fact.