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**WHO KILLED JFK? (48 yrs ago TODAY)

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    Recently, new JFK Assassination investigation files have been partially released to the public, They were supposed to be kept "sealed" (for 76 years), until the year 2039. 

    It was probably hoped that by then, all the people who were old enough to remember JFK or care anything about him, would all be dead & gone. And according to the original plans (in 2011) we'd still have 28 yrs YET TO WAIT.

    But in 1992, some Assassination files were finally allowed to be released. First they had to be accessed & studied & gone over with a fine tooth comb, so they would not give away any Top Secret Military stuff. A new Committee was created to make more requests for info, and attempted to categorize & analyze any new info, With the intention of
    reaching some kind of conclusion. But after going through four million files or more, they summarized:

    "Many pieces of the puzzle --- which was the John F. Kennedy assassination --- seem to be lost to History, some 48 years after the event. There is "no smoking gun" to find the actual person." 

    (But it is KNOWN that many CIA files had been ordered to be destroyed, by the Geo Bush #41 Admin).

    Many files that could have led to important information, were ordered to be destroyed. Such as the CIA files on Lee Harvey Oswald, (the accused assassin) why he went to Russia, his work on a top secret US air base, what did he do (for work) in Russia, how did he manage to marry a Soviet KGB official's relative? And bring her back to the USA as his wife, with no flack from the State Dept? How did he get a job with Guy Banister (FBI) in New Orleans?

    What was his relationship with George DeMohrenschildt (who was CIA and OIL)? Why was Geo DeMohr himself assassinated, just before he was due to testify before the House Cmte Investigation into the JFK Assassination? And when found dead, in his wallet was a business card with the name Geo H.W. (Poppy) Bush. (Yes, Prez #41)
    And Bush just happens to ALSO be in CIA and OIL.

    NOW in the CIA archives is a photo of Geo HW Bush, standing in front of the Texas School Book Depository Bldg (where Oswald was supposed to have shot JFK) & Bush was standing there just a couple minutes after the shooting. On November 22, 1963.

    Years later, when Bush was President, he ordered lots of the CIA files to be destroyed. Erasing the possibility of ever knowing the true assassin.(Or weakening the trail).
    WHY? So we would not ever know that it was all really a POLITICAL assassination? Why were the files locked up for 76 years? If everything was so innocent? Why should the American people be deprived of the Truth?

    It was supposed to be completely covered up, making us all believe it was some misfit nutcase, Oswald, who did it acting alone. A misfit nutcase who worked at a top secret Air Force Base, with the secret U-2 SpyPlane there. Who was sent to Russia, could suddenly speak perfect Russian, & managed to schmooze his way into a KGB family, & marry their relative. Then without any questions, Oswald was allowed right back into the USA with a KGB relative as his wife, worked with Guy Banister (FBI) in New Orleans, & ran around with Geo DeMohrenschildt (CIA & OIL) while he began living under assumed names, at a separate house from his wife, & worked at the Texas School Book Bldg.

    There were secret (GOP) political meetings going on in Dallas in November 1963, so both Nixon & Daddy Bush were there, on the day of the assassination.

    The Birch Society was very active in Dallas, & they were up in arms, calling JFK a Communist and Traitor, & put a very nasty headline in the Dallas Newspaper on Nov 22.

    A very young (age 46) JFK walked into an elaborate trap that day and was brutally shot down in his prime. He was an innocent patriotic young man who was serving his country, WITH NO PAY, after having been a Hero in World War II. (PT 109). This tragedy left Jackie & their 2 children bereft the rest of their lives. It was a tragedy of such huge dimensions, the whole world grieved for a very long time. Some of us will grieve forever. Today marks the 48th year since JFK left us. The grave, at Arlington Cemetery, has an "eternal flame" above the headstone. It is centered above both JFK & Jackie's graves. (She died in 1994).

    Because Robt F. Kennedy was also shot & killed within 5 years of JFK assassination, Jackie married Onassis and moved to Greece, to keep her children safe. They were still quite young, & the violent US atmosphere too dangerous.

    Among the Archives, it also mentions that JFK's son, John Kennedy JR, (a lawyer who ran GEORGE Magazine) was killed in an airplane crash a few years ago. It was told to the public, that it was an "accident." But these secret files say it was an EXPLOSION in mid-air that caused the death of President Kennedy's only living son. A son who said he may want to begin a "political" career in the near future.

    --------------------------------ANOTHER POLITICAL MURDER. (???)


    After all, what CAN we do?  After ALL these sad years?  Watching our heroes die, one after another. Feel your own soul drying up, in despair? Losing your Faith in Almighty God?  Weary of the endless struggle, trying to find Truth in a World full of lies?  Where in the
    world can we find PEACE?  or JUSTICE?

    -----------------------------------A few Words from the HOPI (Indian) Elders:

    "You have been told this is the Eleventh hour. But NOW I tell you the HOUR has COME.  It is TIME FOR ACTION. It is time to SPEAK YOUR TRUTH. Do not look outside yourself for the Leader. Gather yourselves. WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR."

    The world is full of turbulence, we see violence & rioting all over the globe. The United States seems to be at the worst stage since 1775. The people are feeling left out of their own government. Democracy has been weakened to the point, it could be "drowned in a bathtub" as Grover Norquist has said (on TV) recently.

    WHAT would the Founders DO, if they heard words like that? I can tell you, they would be rolling in their graves, clawing at the ground, trying to get out, so they could grab a musket & RUN  to Wash DC to GIVE HELL to the TEA PARTY & other imposters in our US Govt.

    They have murdered JFK and RFK, and even John JR, but are trying to keep it all hidden away in top secret files. The ones responsible for those Murders are also responsible for "destroying the files" of that action. Many CIA files were destroyed under orders of the Bush #41 Admin.

    Key files pertaining to the "patsy" Oswald, who was set up to take the blame, away from the actual perpetrators, have all gone extinct as the DoDo bird. But LOGIC tells us that if Oswald was "guilty" as charged, WHY WOULD THOSE FILES have to be "destroyed"?  Answer: they wouldn't.

    So it proves that we have NOT been told the Truth about who killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy YET.

    But we can all GUESS about one little clue: (GOP).

    There is one organization out there somewhere who has a catchy little phrase they use. It just might apply to this case, where we have somehow never been told the truth.

    --------------------------WE WILL NOT FORGIVE. // WE WILL NOT FORGET.

    -------------------------- & BY GOD, SOMEDAY THERE WILL BE JUSTICE.
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    As I was writing (above) the Kennedy murders were blamed on innocent people. (like Oswald & Sirhan) -- but they were just patsies to take the blame away from actual perpetrators. This is a CURRENT NEWS (November 26, 2011) giving new Facts:

    RFK Assassin Sirhan Seeks Prison Release. 'Formidable Evidence' Proves Convicted Assassin's Innocence

    By Michael Martinez - CNN

    POSTED & UPDATED: -- NOVEMBER 26, 2011

    LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- Sirhan Sirhan, convicted of the 1968 assassination of presidential candidate Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, should be freed from prison or granted a new trial based on "formidable evidence" asserting his innocence and "horrendous violations" of his rights, defense attorneys said in federal court papers filed this week.In a U.S. District Court brief, Sirhan's lawyers also say that an expert analysis of recently uncovered evidence shows two guns were fired in the assassination and that Sirhan's revolver was not the gun that shot Kennedy. Attorneys William F. Pepper and Laurie D. Dusek also allege that fraud was committed in Sirhan's 1969 trial when the court allowed a substitute bullet to be admitted as evidence for a real bullet removed from Kennedy's neck.
    The attorneys further assert that Sirhan was "hypno-programmed" to be a diversion for the real assassin, & allege that Sirhan would be easy to blame for assassination because he is an Arab.  Sirhan, 67, is a Christian Palestinian born in Jerusalem, whose parents brought him & his siblings to America in the 1950s.  Sirhan "was an involuntary participant in the crimes being committed because he was subjected to sophisticated "hypno programming" and "memory implantation" techniques, which rendered him unable to consciously control his thoughts & actions at the time the crimes were being committed," court papers said.

    The California Attorney General's office declined to comment Saturday on Sirhan's court filings. Court papers filed by Sirhan's attorneys say the state "refuses to acknowledge that hypnotic programming/ mind control is not fiction, but reality, & has been used for years by the U.S. military, the CIA & other covert organizations." Though the practices of "hypno programming"/"mind control" is hardly new, the public has been shielded from the darker side of the practice. The average person is unaware that hypnosis can, and is, used to induct antisocial conduct in humans,"

    Pepper and Dusek represented Sirhan earlier this year in his unsuccessful request for parole from Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga, California, (200 miles northwest of Los Angeles). He is serving a life sentence. Sirhan was convicted of killing Kennedy and wounding five other people during the (June 5, 1968) shooting inside the kitchen service pantry of the former Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. / Three bullets struck Kennedy's body while a 4th bullet passed harmlessly through the shoulder of his suit coat. Kennedy, the most seriously wounded of the six victims, died the next day. The other 5 people survived their wounds.The substitute bullet was introduced in the trial as the actual bullet removed from Kennedy's neck, & alleged to have been matched to Sirhan's gun.

    Pepper and Dusek are requesting a hearing to present dramatic new findings that they say show a kitchen crossfire in the hotel. An analysis of a recently uncovered audiotape of the assassination shows that in addition to the 8 gunshots fired by Sirhan's Iver-Johnson handgun, 5 other shots were fired by a second gun from the opposite direction. The sound recording "clearly showed that 13 shots were fired in the pantry, and Sirhan's gun had only 8 shots, so it definitely means there was a second shooter" Pepper told CNN. The tape was made 40 feet away from the crime scene by freelance newspaper reporter Stanislaw Pruszynski. It  is the only known recording of the gunshots fired in Robert Kennedy's assassination.

    The recording was uncovered in 2004, by CNN's Brad Johnson, who had it independently examined by two experts, Spence Whitehead and Philip Van Praag. They concluded, individually, that more than 8 shots were captured in the tape. In their court filings, Pepper and Dusek are focusing on Van Praag's analysis. Van Praag concludes that the Pruszynski recording is authentic and reveals that, over a 5-second period in the pantry, two guns fired 13 shots, exceeding the capacity of the 8-shot Iver-Johnson Cadet -- the only gun that Sirhan possessed, & had no opportunity to reload.

    Van Praag rules out the possibility that any of the 13 shots were echoes, ricochets or non-gunshot sounds. He also finds that some of the shots were fired too rapidly, at intervals too close together for all the shots to have come from Sirhan's inexpensive handgun. Van Praag further concludes that the 5 shots fired opposite the direction of Sirhan's 8 shots, displayed a "frequency anomaly", that indicates the second gun's make and model were different from Sirhan's weapon.

    Pepper said that witnesses reported Sirhan was standing several feet in front of Kennedy & firing nearly horizontally, --- while the medical evidence showed Kennedy's body & clothing were struck by 4 bullets fired point-blank from behind the Senator at steep upward angles. Witnesses reported that bystanders grabbed Sirhan immediately after he fired his first two shots, and that they had his firing arm pinned against a steam table, forcing Sirhan to fire his gun's remaining six bullets away from Kennedy, (striking other people instead). For decades following the 1968 assassination, Sirhan had claimed he could not remember the Kennedy shooting. Pepper and Dusek argue this is because he was "hypno-programmed" to fire his gun in the pantry, & to then forget the shooting, to forget his programming, & those who had programmed him.

    In 2008, Pepper hired a Harvard University memory expert who says he got the imprisoned Sirhan to recall the Kennedy shooting for the first time. That expert is Daniel Brown, an associate clinical professor in psychology at Harvard Medical School who submitted a statement to the parole board after interviewing Sirhan for 60 hours over a three-year period. Brown says Sirhan now remembers that when he fired his shots in the pantry, he believed he was at a gun range & shooting at circular targets. Brown believes Sirhan was programmed to do this, to cause a distraction in the pantry, allowing a second gunman to secretly shoot Kennedy from behind. Brown is described in Sirhan's court papers as "one of the world's foremost experts in hypno programming."  Brown says Sirhan now remembers hearing loud sounds described as "the thunderclap of other bullets" being fired by another gun in the pantry. Sirhan also recalls seeing flashes in front of him that he associates with gunfire inside the pantry, but not coming from his own weapon. Pepper accused both prosecutors & Sirhan's lead attorney, (Grant Cooper, who has since died), of misconduct in the 1969 trial. Cooper was then under federal indictment for illegally possessing grand jury minutes in an unrelated case, but the indictment was dropped right after Sirhan's sentencing.  

    "The state suppressed, destroyed & withheld a great deal of evidence," Pepper said in an interview Saturday. Sirhan's "counsel provided totally ineffective assistance & collaborated with the prosecution, in violation of his 6th Amendment rights." The prosecution told the judge in chambers that we do not have foundation for some of our ballistics evidence, and the defense counsel immediately jumped in and said, "don't worry about that, we will stipulate that all of the ballistics evidence is what you say it is."  Los Angeles County prosecutors couldn't immediately comment Saturday. Pepper said: "This is one of the most egregious miscarriages of justice imaginable, and because it relates to the assassination of a man who would likely have been president of the United States, the feeling of sadness is irrepressible in these circumstances."

    Pepper said he personally knew Kennedy & his family, and ran his campaign in the heavily GOP Westchester County in New York, back when Kennedy, a Democrat, successfully ran for the United States Senate.

    Sirhan never became a U.S. citizen, so if he were released from prison, he would be deemed an illegal immigrant and likely be deported to Jordan, where he has extended family, Pepper said.  In 1968, the 42-year-old Kennedy, younger brother of the assassinated President John F. Kennedy, was a leading contender for the Democratic presidential nomination against Vice President Hubert Humphrey and Sen. Eugene McCarthy.

    On the night of his assassination, Kennedy had just appeared on live television in an Ambassador Hotel ballroom, where he had claimed victory over McCarthy in the California primary election. Moments later, he was fatally wounded in the hotel service pantry while on his way to a press conference, set for a small banquet room just beyond the pantry. The shooting in the pantry was not captured by any cameras.

    At Sirhan's 1969 trial, prosecutors argued Sirhan killed Kennedy because of statements the New York senator made about the US sending fighter jets to aid Israel. But in the court papers filed this week, Sirhan's attorneys dismissed that allegation as a "most speculative motive," without any sworn statements for substantiation. Sirhan was the only person arrested in Robert Kennedy's murder.

    ----------CNN's Brad Johnson contributed to this report.----Copyright CNN 2011
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    The death of Robt Kennedy in 1968 (Atty General under his brother JFK) has not been as well publicized as it should have been. He was running for President in Los Angeles, & had just won the primary, when he was shot down in cold blood. He could have avoided this campaign, but he was trying to make PEACE, & bring all our boys home from years of combat in Viet Nam. We had CIA covert actions going on in Laos & Cambodia, smuggling drugs was part of the operation, with US support of a few sleazy govts in S.E. Asia. We were supposed to be fighting communism, but it all would end up with -- after 11 yrs, we had 58,000 US troops dead, MANY more wounded & mentally disabled, & millions of $ wasted on weapons, bombs, Napalm - And VIET NAM went COMMUNIST anyway.

    Young Bobby Kennedy was shot down since he would have tried to bring Peace in Viet Nam, so the War Machine had to have him killed. Sh-h-h  It is not nice to bring that up. Somebody may get nervous if we tell the truth in this country. And the "true" perpetrators must be hidden forever, under protection of "secret files" in Ho-Hum Security.  A primary "suspect" must be presented to the public. So who's the bogey man this time?  Is it a wild native from a cannibalistic African tribe? Or some lone nutcase from TX, who ran off to Russia? Or maybe a Palestinian who got lost in the Ambassador Hotel & shot up the pantry due to bad eyesight? WHATEVER. Clown of the week.

    However, that night, Sirhan Sirhan was in the Ambassador Hotel, at a political rally for a GOP conservative candidate, just minutes before he went into the pantry & supposedly shot RFK. The crime scene was not protected, lots of wall planks & evidence were carted off, never to be seen again, & voila' -- Bobby was dead. A wonderful man with 11 children, & a soul that loved PEACE.

    The same evil-minded violent types were still running rampant in 1968, as there were in 1963. It was the flowering of the "far right" radical Republicans. They were arrogant, assuming that they were somehow superior to everyone else, believing they are always right, no matter how misinformed they may be, & having a paranoid attitude toward any Democrat or liberal. But this was not due to any real concept of what a Democrat actually was. It was "brain-washing" pure and simple. The Birch Society had been doing their job (& doing it well) since 1958. The Propaganda Machine had been put to use in the schools, the pulpits, corporate meeting halls, & any existing social or political groups. Not to forget the many 100's of RADIO broadcasts (both religious, & propaganda) on air all the time.There is no way to even describe the exponential effects they could have in just a very few short years.

    The founder of the John Birch Society (Robert Welch) had studied Lenin, Marx, & Hitler, to name a few, before he began the JBS in 1958.  (At the founding meeting he had 11 wealthy men who were all GOP businessmen). NOTE: That in that year, you did not have to be an actual millionaire to be very wealthy. For instance, the owner of a big insurance company only made $435,000 per year. Compare to the regular employees, who made $4,000  up to  $12,000 per year. A person here pointed out that many of the original JBS founders were NOT millionaires, but that is due to the fact (back then) you did not have to make millions of $$ to be VERY WEALTHY & control our Economy & Commerce.

    In the article (above) you  will see that Sirhan Sirhan was kept in prison for 43 years. For the false accusation of murdering RFK. The lawyers believe he was possibly hypnotized to commit a crime while he was almost unconscious. Programmed "hypnotically" to commit any crime the CIA would want. It does sound a little bit "hokey" at first. (Like Sci-Fi  101.) But basic psych classes teach us that many people can be "trained" to perform tasks by operant conditioning. Add a little hypnotism to that, & you have a robot. (Years ago, it was not too easy to hypnotize someone. But now -- who knows?)

    But GET THIS:  Back in 1962 (approx) they made a movie:  "THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE"
    What was it about? It was about an American soldier who had been captured by the Korean army
    while overseas, & "hypnotized" to kill anyone the controllers (Communists) told him to. They had certain hypnotic drills that would activate his killing mode. Set up to shoot the US president.

    Frank Sinatra was in that movie. Soon after the movie was released, JFK was shot & killed in Dallas, & it upset Frank so much, he bought up the film & kept it hidden in his personal vault for years. But in the last 10 yrs, he released it again, to be seen by the public. (In black & white). Now with all those same brain-washing techniques, could Sirhan have been hypnotized to kill? He is going to be given a court room to proclaim his innocence. Sometime soon.  It will be "interesting" to find out.