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Was "W" Bush's election rigged? - or- Sup Ct appt UnConstitutional?

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    As many of us already know, George "W"s elections (both of them) were expertly rigged, so that Al Gore, (Democrat) was cheated out of his chance at the presidency, and also (Democrat) John Kerry was cheated out of his presidency. Great quantities of articles have been written about the types of fraud and rigging that were used for the elections of 2000 and 2004. But the most grievous one was probably done in 2000, when "W"s brother Jeb (Gov of FL) used every tactic possible to keep the ballots of FL voters from being counted. The famous "hanging chads" were inspected carefully on each and every ballot, to decide which ballots would count. And after hours & hours of counting by the weary people assigned that duty, an employee of Jeb Bush would come in & announce that the ballot counting would have to stop. Then a day or 2 later, she would say they had to start counting it all over again. By then, the counters had blurred vision, & their eyeballs were half falling out. It might have been almost comedic, except for the fact that a United States election hung in the balance. A very important Presidential election. (And the "fix" was in).  

    Finally it was concluded that no official ballot count could be determined, so the decision would have to be made by the US Supreme Court. (Nine Judges would speak for over 310 million US citizens). But fortunately for Geo W. Bush, Jr,  his father had recently stacked the Supreme Court with his GOP ideologue cronies just a few years earlier. So you can easily guess how they were going to vote. They voted (5-4) to help Daddy Bush who gave them their lifetime tenure job, as a US Supreme Court Judge. (a little bribery never hurts). So Georgie W Bush became US Prez  #43.
    Just think, if AL GORE would have been allowed to take his rightful place in the Oval Office in 2001, we would NOT have the Iraq War, or the recession/depression in our economy, and we would have more solar energy, less oil spills, & a better environment. We would all have jobs available & a better chance at a good education. The health care of senior citizens would be safe & secure, & none of us would have had to live under the REAL "terrorism" of the Bush/Cheney/Rove administration. Our economy & govt would NOT be bankrupt, & we would not be Trillions of dollars in Debt to Red Communist China. Thousands of our young soldiers would NOT be crippled & maimed and killed (for no useful purpose) & our nation could hold up its head with pride in our "peacetime" accomplishments.

    The NEXT election (2004) was rigged from the start by crooked "voting machines" which were mainly manufactured by Diebold, owned by a man who openly proclaimed to Bush that he "guaranteed the election for Bush."  Those machines were easy to manipulate in a dozen ways, to manipulate the inner rotor gears by remote control, to pre-set the counters to register 5 votes for Bush for every one for Kerry. And there were crooked tactics used: like smearing Kerry's Viet Nam war heroism (by the Swift Boaters), while Bush only worked inside the US at a national guard location, where he was absent most of the time.  Voter fraud, like making voters stand outside in deep snow for 4 or 5 hours, & many had to leave before voting. Old folks could not bear to stand so long. My friend said it had never happened to him before, in 40 years of voting. These tactics were used to deny our senior citizens the right to vote. Also, young mothers with their children had to leave without voting, as the kids got hungry and cranky standing still in line for 4 or 5 hours. ANOTHER RIGGED ELECTION for Bush, to continue the search for WMD (that did not exist) & keep on killing & maiming our soldiers in Iraq for another 7 years.  

    NOTE: there is something in the US Constitution which indicates that in case no clear majority vote can be determined by the normal balloting process, (for President) then the decision goes to the House of Representatives (NOT the Supreme Court). If I can find it tonight, I will try to post it right underneath this one. -------------- But, don't hold your breath. It has been a busy night.: )

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    Good summary of the Republican tactics, which are again in force for 2012.  Democrats are fighting against this, but the Bush/Rove machine of 2000 and 2004 is reincarnating itself under new banners with voter suppression drives in key states across America.  Democrats must get energized and fight back. And we must vote on election "teaching Obama a lesson this time."  The stakes are much too high.

    If you were energized by reading Veronica's message, and want to read even more, Michael Parenti's blog on The Stolen Presidential Elections goes into more depth. This is all well documented factual stuff that somehow has been suppressed by the media or forgotten, or in the case of Fox News, spun as a false fear mongering campaign of voter fraud drive directed at voters who might otherwise vote Democratic . 

    Parenti provides credible references for his blog. Let's get energized. We must not forget.
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    Here is the Source for what to do in case of no clear winner for the Presidency:

    ----------------The US CONSTITUTION... Article II... Section 1... Para 3, ------- &  Amendment xii   

    The choice of President, when no clear majority of electoral votes is won by a candidate, resides with the House of
    Representatives--------------(NOT THE SUPREME COURT!)

    NOTE: I have not studied this at length, myself, but a trusted colleague of mine has read it, & seems to think it is a
    good reference to find out IF the Bush "selection" by the Supreme Court ---- was legitimate or NOT. 
    INTERESTING DETAIL: The Supreme Court has specified that their decision (for Bush) should NOT be PRECEDENT.
    (So maybe they themselves realized the illegitimacy of this Court action).

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    You guys need to move on from this....It's sad you still cling to this hatred.
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    Cling to Hatred?

    That SCOTUS decision was a joke...and it will never be used as precedent for anything else.

    There's no statue of limitations on how long we are allowed to be pissed off about Bush 2000 taking the election in a court room coup.