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Texas Paper Reports: Rick Perry's Ties to a Terrorist Militia

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    Certainly seems credible. All the evidence is there. I've never seen an article so heavily footnoted with so many sources, no doubt to end any suspicions this is just rumor and not fact.

    Rick Perry's Ties to a Terrorist Militia

    By JuanBatista - Wednesday November 2, 2011 - 9:20 pm
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    Rick Perry denies he ever spoke in favor of Texas secession from the United States. But records show he not only spoke in favor of secession, Perry spoke at a rally attended by secessionist leaders and a top Perry aide met with secessionist leaders privately. Perry went on to push for legislation favored by secessionists and others. One of the groups he sought the support of, the Republic of Texas militia, has a long history of terrorism, including plots to assassinate a Republican governor (later president), a Democratic president, attempted attacks on a US Army base and federal building, and attempts to acquire missiles and biological weapons.