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Suze Orman on "Occupy Wall Street"

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    Suze Orman, the financial guru on CNBC, is also a contributing columnist. I wanted to share a piece of one of her recent articles about the "Occupy Wall Street" movement. I found this point very on the money, no pun intended, and wanted to get everyone else's opinion as well.

    Here it is:

    To deride the movement because it has yet to formulate a well-delineated platform says plenty more about the critics than the protestors. Revolutions tend to be messy, especially in the early going. The unholy alliance of much of Congress, K Street and Wall Street that has set the agenda from day one of the financial crisis is simply trying to protect its turf by casting aspersions on the ad hoc nature of the movement to date. I suppose I shouldn't expect anything less. After all, there's no way they could stage a substantive rebuttal based on facts. It is a real shame that the progress that Congress made last year in passing consumer financial reforms are now being blocked by these same interests.

    Whole article here: "Occupy Wall Street": Approved!
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    Glad to hear that Suze Orman is welcoming to the Occupiers of Wall Street.  It is a bit puzzling since she has been a stock broker in the financial sector for decades. And a financial counselor to the general public. But she seems oriented to helping people of the middle class, learn how to wade thru all the maze of paperwork to organize their assets. So she really seems to be one of the "good guys".
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    Yes the Federal-Reserve is the main culprit and the source of all the corruption.
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    Banks Versus the American Dream

    The Money Masters.