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Juan Williams says Herman Cain threatens activists West and Smiley, agree?

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    So, this all started when PBS host Tavis Smiley and his best man/bud Professor Cornel West went on the O'Reilly Factor. Things heated up, as they usually do when Mr. O'Reilly debates activists. West told O'Reilly that he and GOP contender Herman Cain had "trivialized" the racism that he believed still permeated throughout the United States.

    Then, the new Fox show, "The Five" (which seems to have replaced Glenn Beck or at least is setting up to do so) analyzed this particular interview. And I think it's safe to say that Juan Williams, a former NPR reporter, is the most level-headed of the bunch on the show. But, he made the comment that both West and Smiley are threatened by Herman Cain's success.

    My question is, do you agree that black activists would and are threatened by a successful black politician? Or is this just Fox's way of defending a sister show with another fully loaded arsenal of conservative mouth pieces?

    Here's the clip to give my question proper context. Let me know what you think...