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Clarence Thomas failed to report nearly $700,000 of wife's earnings!

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    So, from 2003 to 2007, Clarence Thomas's wife apparently made some MONEY for her work for the conservative Heritage Foundation. Almost $700,000. And, Thomas failed to file the earned income at all. Sounds like more than just a clerical error, especially when we are talking about a Supreme Court Justice. They are supposed to be super lawyers, right? How corrupt is this??
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    Well to answer your question, it is only corruption if it is deemed illegal.  And what penalties have been assessed on Clarence Thomas in the nine months since this unreported income was first brought to light by the Los Angeles Times back in January?  NOTHING. At least my Google search turned up nothing. So if it technically illegal, but no penalties were assessed, then is it really illegal.  And who exactly would assess the penalty?

    As the Times reported back then, "In most cases, judges simply amend their forms when an error is discovered." It appears that's what Justice Thomas has done.

    I have no doubt that Ginni Thomas is capitalizing on her husband's connections. But it is not illegal.  She can flount the moral code, but as long as there is no law against it, she will continue to use her husband's position to open doors for herself and make money.

    The bigger question is: Will Justice Thomas recuse himself from cases that involve lobbying work for the Tea Party by his wife?  My guess is no. And it will be his decision and his decison alone. Justices often recuse themselves from cases in which they or family members have a vested interest, but knowing Justice Thomas, I can't see that happening.
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    apparently its only corruption if its a theif on the Republican side. The same problems from Dem. Senators and Fed Reserve leader and Dem. leaders who write Tax laws don't count? Just curious. What about the millionsssss Warren Buffet owes but is apparently getting a pass with his ties to this administration and yet says rich people should pay more but he I guess should get a pass. He owes hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes. Write a check fella!!!! Pay taxes on your divid ends as income then talk about who pays more ( you or your secretary) that's not apples to apples. If your only income is $100k you'll pay the same but if you make millions from investment derivatives you get a tax break and you don't hear him wanting to raise the taxes on Wall Street bonuses and income that's not considered income. No just the people who earn money as what the IRS considers income.
    Just keep buying into the idea that either sides cares about tax issues. You couldn't pay our debt if you taxed 100% of the top 1% of income earners so why are we arguing that the top 1% should pay more. Maybe they should and so should those who don't pay anything but at the register for life but the real problem is spending. Wake up! we print money because we don't have enough. The more money you print just makes the value of what the rich are so called hoarding anyway but it also makes the same dollar the poor has worth less. Great job guys!! but this is the perfect storm happening again. Clinton balanced a budget with printed unbacked dollars and liabilities and Bush took over inflation. Clinton hero and Bush not so much. Clinton failed to get Bin Laden Bush pays the price. Bush warns congress of housing bubble and Freddie / Fannie but Dems say no problem. When housing fell It was Bush's fault. Yes Bush was horrible but does anyone pay attention to anything.
    Obama took a horrible economy led by bad policy and made it worse that ever. We aren't in soup lines yet because we are living on borrrowed and printed money. Forget China, they are printing money too. Manipulating their currency to prop ours up. If we fail now so will the Global economy. Yet we keep doubling down on dumbness. It's as if we have cancer and think we need to flood our cancer with three more packs of cigarettes per day to overwhelm the cancer to keep it from beating us. What?? Why would you even do therapy if you don't stop the smoking?
    Back to the subject. Of course he will excuse himself. Eric Holder will not pay a price for his Fast and Furious (Guns for Drugs) either. Obama won't even get touched when this is bigger than Nixon's coverup.
    So, I've said that to say this. Go after Thomas but go after Timmothy Geitner, Eric Holder, Obama and the Don king look alike who writes tax law but doesn't live by it. Go after Warren Buffet, Ted Turner, T. Boone Pickens. If you don't like the FBS organization then go after Geoprge Sorros as well. Just go after one of your own everytime you reach across the isle. Thay way we will clean up the whole mess.