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    Over the last 53 years, subversives have been attacking our govt from within. They operated in secret, but right underneath our noses. Most people did not know they really existed. In 1958, the John Birch Society was begun by 12 Republican millionaires. The KEY CONCEPT you need to know about them, is that they do NOT believe the US is a DEMOCRACY, or that the Founders ever intended for it to be one.

    In the following, we shall discuss their techniques to manipulate public opinion (& the vote), and how Rush Limbaugh played a big part, & how the JBS works to subvert political campaigns, & to rig our elections. Read on, to see what their REAL OBJECTIVE is.

    I AM HERE TO SPEAK about the SURVIVAL of DEMOCRACY on the Face of the Earth.  THE FACTS are that the JBS has been using subversive tactics (against the US govt) for the last FIFTY YEARS, I have talked to their recruiters and their members (& studied hundreds of references, including their own Birch Society Manual -- "The Blue Book."  The first CLUE should be that They Do NOT Believe that the US is a Democracy, or that the Founders ever intended for it to be one.  THIS IS ROBT WELCH's own personal Philosophy, and this belief informs all his decisions & all his teachings to Birch members.  However, If anyone (like the JBS) does not believe in the FOUNDATION of this Nation, being a DEMOCRACY, then they are totally divorced from REALITY, & denying our proud History (of 235 years),.

    And If they allow this belief to flourish (that we were not intended to have a Democracy here) then they are aiding and abetting the Fascist types who are all too ready to usurp OUR POWER --- to take it away from We the People, and give it to all the Rich Industrialists, & Corporations who have made it abundantly clear in recent times that they do not give a hoot at all whether any of us (American workers) survive or live or breathe at all. They can always use alien labor, or the Chinese work force to produce whatever they are selling. Because GREED is the only thing that motivates them. (Patriotism certainly does not). They will only finance politicians who will INCREASE their PROFIT MARGIN, -- & do not care HOW that is accomplished.

    Right now, the Republicans in Wisc & Ohio are busy taking away jobs, & trying to destroy Unions in their state, which essentially makes the ordinary worker a slave to their bosses. They will no longer be able to ask for any benefits, or negotiate a contract that guarantees their job security. Or even safety in the workplace. Things which US laborers have worked for during the entire last century, are being repealed by the dozen, ALL done by the GOP. --- PLUS, they are trying to limit our ability to VOTE. (the key to democracy).

    Someone asked why do I seem to be a bit hostile to all the Rich in this country?  Well, I am usually specific on WHICH Rich person I am talking about, but in general, they do not seem to care about their own workers, much less anybody else.  They have their own club, & nobody else matters. You have to be a GOP, very wealthy, & use that money to increase your own POWER. You do not mind if you use your money to demolish the US govt, while waging endless useless wars all over the globe, just as long as you can steal more OIL from some Godforsaken piece of desert, someplace in Asia. You may have trillions of dollars, some of it stolen from Social Security funds, but you will not share a dime of it to help the people whose houses were foreclosed, due to crooked GOP business practices, or who now do not have jobs, due to GOP hiring the aliens for cheaper wages. And outsourcing our industry & jobs overseas.

    The Birch Society does NOT believe in Democracy, so they don't believe We the People should have any say-so over our own country, that "we built and fought for" and died for in many other useless wars. NOW they have "rigged" the system so only GOP can win, & for some reason they prefer some half-wit, over any sane intelligent person who could be running. Many of their candidates obviously flunked 5th grade history, & have very little concept of how to run a huge govt like the United States.  WHY do the high level GOP (& Birchers) want some flunkies to be elected? Answer pure & simple: CONTROL. No matter who gets elected, they will probably be too stupid to actually do their job, so it will only be the same "good old boy" network that has always controlled the GOP.  Pulling all the puppet strings behind the scenes.                                                  

    -------The Birch Society objective: To take over the GOP, & then use that as a vehicle to Take Over the whole United States government.
    (It would be a coup de etat) (Since they do not believe in Democracy, they want to install a Fascist type of govt, that will dictate to us, like Welch & Rush have done for decades now --- they have "conditioned" us to accept NO DISSENT, & to basically accept Dictatorship).           

    The Birch Society objective to take over the GOP began in 1958, & was highly successful by 1964, when Goldwater was the Birch candidate running on GOP ticket. --- [Quotes]: -- ROBT WELCH said in THE BLUE BOOK (JBS manual) "Now the one man who comes nearest to measuring up to all needs and qualifications that we see on the political horizon is Barry Goldwater. I know Barry fairly well, a great American." (p.108) ----- "Barry Goldwater has political know-how & the genius to use it. A superb political organizer, stands by his Americanist principles. I'd love to see him President of the United States."  (p.109) --- And  "I personally supported Barry Goldwater for the Republican nomination, Two-thirds of our members did the same. One-third were for Nixon."  (p.101)
    When the JBS objective was "to take over the GOP" -- they did exactly that. By the 1970's, the GOP had Nixon (who had to resign before he got impeached) in 1973-1974, Then Gerald Ford (had been VP) succeeded him. Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon to keep him out of jail, & then in 1980, we got Ronald Reagan, who ran a "black list" on Hollywood actors who he claimed were Communists. Testified before the HUAC. and later said "there was no black list -- the Communists made it up themselves."  Later Reagan sold NATO missiles to the Ayatollah in Iran, while the Ayatollah was holding our embassy staff hostage for 444 days. Selling arms to the enemy is officially listed as "Treason."  Also, at the beginning of his Presidency,  Reagan abruptly stopped all disability payts to people who needed it to survive, including many Viet Nam War veterans. Many died or committed suicide before their payts were resumed. (It was discovered that his reason for stopping disability payts was to "discover fraud" & instead, they found out that no fraud, in fact, had actually occurred.) Then Reagan disregarded Congress and gave aid to the Contras in South America. He fired Air Traffic Controllers (which aided in weakening all our labor unions). GET THIS: Reagan made a deal with the Ayatollah of IRAN -- to keep holding our US embassy staff hostage until after the 1980 election, so Jimmy Carter could not take credit for releasing them. (Reagan's polling had indicated that Carter may have been re-elected if the hostages had been released), so the GOP just "rigged" the election a little bit. What else is new?

    Then we had 2 George Bushes. Two invasions of Iraq. The first one was done because (unknown to most) Daddy Bush owned oil wells in Kuwait, so we had to get them out of Saddam Hussein's hands quick. After Daddy Bush TOLD Saddam Hussein it was OK for him to take over Kuwait, since it had once been a geographic part of Iraq. But then he had a sudden change of heart, & we invaded Iraq for about ONE MONTH. Then 8 yrs later, "W" Bush decided to stage a re-run to gain popularity among the Hawk crowd, & we had the first pre-emptive strike in American history -- Shock & Awe (2003). Of course this is against all treaties, & officially a War Crime, but who cares?  Baby Bush is used to getting his way since infancy. Instead of playing with plastic toy soldiers in his sand box, he got real LIVE soldiers, with all kinds of neat machinery & even loud Boom Booms, causing huge clouds of dust & sand to fill the sky, almost as neat as a mushroom cloud. He really wanted that. But he had to be satisfied with a toadstool cloud, & a whole big "sandy"  desert to play with. Even lots of camels and whole cities to blow up. It was the perfect toy for a Chicken Hawk -- you can check this out, almost everyone in the Bush cabinet was a Chicken Hawk --- they really love war, as long as they never have to fight in one. Do you get it?  "Hawkish" about a war, but too "Chicken" to actually serve in it. The list of GOP Chicken Hawks in politics & media is VAST.
    Since Political Rallies NO LONGER exist to fight the Communists, the old "Cold War" slogans do not work any more to arouse the voters. So they invented the Tea Party, which is (coincidentally) a Big JOHN BIRCH issue, since their beginning in 1958. So here is a big issue where the 2 groups totally coincide. Remember, the Tea Party said T.E.A. means "taxed enough already"? They'd gotten organized (supposedly) due to high taxation. Remember this: TEA party is anti-TAXES.  Now you can go back to the JBS in the early days, By 1961 they had "front groups" for many specific purposes. One of them was called ORFIT - Organization to Repeal the Federal Income Tax. Their incessant screams about paying taxes were peeling paint off the Congressional walls. Of course, any thinking person knows that Taxes are the "lifeblood" of any government, and are totally necessary to pay for the expenses of govt. Such as Congress salaries, the upkeep of the White House & Congress bldgs. The payment for all the national parks & all the Air Bases around the world. All military salaries. THE LIST IS ENDLESS. So why are people so aggravated about paying their Taxes?  (Paying YOUR DUES To Uncle Sam?) -- I think You get a whole lot for your money. --- You get to be a Citizen of the greatest Nation in the history of the world.

    THE DEATH OF DEMOCRACY: Unless We, the People, rise up and TAKE NOTICE, this is the last year of Democracy in America, & in a short time, anywhere on the Earth. It has only survived these last 235 years, because we mostly had intelligent sane leaders, who cared about the US Constitution. Who cared about the concept of human dignity, & equality of men, the right to have decent work conditions, &
    a way to make a decent living for their family, But insidiously, thru the last 53 yrs, the JBS (& its dozens of front groups) have gotten into the fabric of our Congress, so we see obstinate unyielding idiots acting like spoiled children & holding up legislation due to a Pledge to a guy like Grover Norquist. (Pledging no taxes). First of all, Norquist has never been elected. WHAT RIGHT does he have to make all the GOP Congressmen make a Pledge to HIM?  Answer: NONE.  Under what (hidden) POWER does he control all those GOP Congressmen by silent puppet strings?  ANSWER: His best friends are: Bush (Daddy & "W") & Newt Gingrich, & Karl Rove. 

    THIS IS KEY:  A guy who was NEVER elected, (Grover Norquist) virtually pulls all the puppet strings on the ENTIRE GOP Congress, & tells them WHEN to vote, and HOW to vote, & HOW to manipulate the rest of the Legislative branch of our Federal Govt. (Also how to subvert the democratic process, & to essentially blackmail the US President).  IT IS SUBVERSION, a VIOLATION of our Democracy, and especially it is a VIOLATION of their OATH of OFFICE, (to uphold the US Constitution against all its enemies, both foreign & domestic).
    ---Well, these T-Baggers are the "domestic enemies" who are trying to subvert our legislation & our democracy -- by bypassing all the normal channels of running the govt. Since Norquist's chief accomplices are none other than Bush, Gingrich, & Karl Rove -- you can see that the PAST Administration (GOP) who were UNELECTED last 2008, are usurping "control" over the Votes of all the Congressmen that are elected now, using tactics that are NOT part of the democratic process created by our Founding Fathers.

    Frankly, if any of the REAL Founding Fathers saw any of this, they would be rolling in their graves, clawing at the ground, trying to get out, to grab a musket -- and run (not walk) to Washington DC --- TO GIVE THAT TEA PARTY HELL.  I can guarantee you that THEY would not allow this hypocritical parody to continue --- until it caused the Death of DEMOCRACY.  The Founders all pledged their lives and sacred honor to the cause of Freedom and Liberty, and Democracy in America. And they were willing to DIE, if necessary to protect our precious Constitution, one of the greatest achievements in World History -- for how it has elevated the condition of all mankind. 
    -----Now, it is ready to crumble into dust ---& fall into the ashpit of history. -- (under the leadership of the GOP).
    Sarah Palin & many others of her party, have spoken how she wants to lead a Revolution. She is probably too stupid to know what that really means, like bloodshed in the streets, murder, mayhem, & crumbling of our whole Society. The happy blissful American Way of Life to be crushed into squalor. The future to be unimagineable, as to the depths it would sink. 

    But it does not matter how stupid she, or other T-Party members are,  What epic waves they have created, like a Tsunami, can still come ashore & destroy the whole USA.  The Rich don't care what damage they cause here. They all have enough money to jump into their own private jet planes & fly off to Zurich or Paris, or that famous Saudi paradise. They can avoid the consequences of their actions.  

    THE REST OF US cannot so easily escape.  We have to stay here, no matter how badly the GOP has polluted our air, our water, our crops, left aging nuke weapons laying about, left uncontrollable nuclear power plants rusting in our midst, desecrated our cropland, used toxic chemicals indiscriminately, The list goes on. Despising any kind of regulations (designed to protect us) they have left this nation in a very perilous condition. With toxic oil spills in the Gulf, we may not ever be able to eat the fish in there safely again. The oil spill in Alaska in 1989, (22 yrs ago) should have been a WARNING, but the oil industry, owned by Geo Bush & dozens of GOP industrialists, do not care to let any little thing (like the Environment) interrupt their incessant GREED for more & more Money. (Which gives them more Power). 

    The JBS (Birch Society) is a fascist leaning group, whose leaders fully intended to takeover the US govt, NOT CARING about the WIll of the People, since they do NOT believe in Democracy. (This means they do not believe we have the Right to VOTE, or have any kind of control over our own government). People like Grover Norquist have been given authority to control the votes of OUR Congress, THAT WE PAY THE SALARY FOR -- thru OUR TAXES).  But instead of answering to We the People, the Norquist bunch take their orders from the OLD BUSH REGIME ---  (Bush, Cheney, Newt Gingrich, & Karl Rove). They are RULING our Govt "by Proxy" -- by remote control.

    PLEASE NOTE:  This is a total VIOLATION of all Democracy principles, totally against what our nation was created to do, which was to empower the whole population of America to participate in their own govt, to have Rights to Freedom, including Freedom of Speech, and to VOTE for our own leaders. This "voting" is key to a Democracy. You CHOOSE who is the best qualified, best honorable people to lead your country, for the betterment of all US citizens. NOT to let some greedy rich people "manipulate" the vote, to make special rules to give themselves a huge advantage in winning any election.  In order to elect the best people, you need to have an informed, & well educated,
    electorate. That simply means they didn't want totally uneducated people to vote, because they would likely not vote for the right reason. For the first 144 years of our democracy, WOMEN could not vote (until 1920).  My Mom was 4 years old, when they first allowed women
    to Vote. I say this to show it did not happen way back in the Dark Ages, but it was just back in my Mom's generation. Only 91 yrs ago.

    IF YOU LOSE YOUR RIGHTS TO CHOOSE YOUR OWN LEADERS (by Voting) -- then what do you have? You have gone all the way back to Dictatorship --- to pure Fascist Rule --- to places like Communist Russia, or to Nazi Germany --- where the people had almost NO RIGHTS AT ALL.   Or even back to the rule of England (under King George) who inspired the American Revolution of 1776.

    WE CAN ALL SIT AROUND and watch Video Games, where we battle with imaginary enemies like Godzilla, or Darth Vader, or some
    fictitious monster in Comic Books.  But I think our energies would be put to better use, if we battle the REAL enemies of Democracy, and try with our last ounce of courage, to WIN our FREEDOM from their grasp. 

    Meanwhile, UNCLE SAM (the very symbol of the USA, and an icon of our Flag) is all tattered and torn, left forgotten in a corner full of cobwebs, wearing his faded striped top hat, his white hair all rumpled, & his head bowed low with unspeakable grief. He is fully aware that
    ---- His Fate will be the Fate of all mankind......He is bleeding & rapidly fading away  (he is our flag)  PLEASE HELP HIM.


    To dream the impossible dream
    To fight the unbeatable foe
    To bear with unbearable sorrow
    To run where the brave dare not go.

    This is my quest
    To follow that star
    No matter how hopeless
    No matter how far

    To fight for the right
    Without question or pause
    To be willing to march into Hell
    For a Heavenly cause

    And the world will be better for this
    That one man, scorned & covered with scars
    Still strove with his last ounce of courage
    To reach the unreachable stars.

    (Song) - from "Man of LaMancha"
    -------(Don Quixote) 1972
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    Thank you Veronica.  Your essay on America is well written, and I share your many views. In fact, with the exception of the John Birch Society, we have alluded to many of your issues in this website over the past months and years. I admit to not being a scholar of the John Birch Society, and paid little attention to them until Rachel Maddow highlighted their presence at the CPAC convention. Thanks for enlightening us.

    As I have noted in other posts, the Republican oligarchs that control the party have a repetoire of tools and talking points to keep the working class of America divided against itself.  Racism against Obama plays a part, but more significantly I think are many of the social issues of the day...abortion and LGBT marriage. They use professional word smithers like Frank Luntz to come up with catchy cliches that resonate with the populace and they repeat them over and over and over again.  Rush Limbaugh does that but also the many pundits at Fox News.  "Tiller the baby killer." They are all surrogates of the super rich from Rupert Murdoch to David and Charles Koch to others less known, and as you pointed out are driven by greed. They lack empathy for their fellow citizens.  In fact I would have a hard time calling them citizens because their playground is global...any place to make a buck. They'll play the patriotism card to divide the middle class against itself with such sound bites as "if you don't support the war, you don't support the troops."

    Thomas Frank in his best seller, What's the Matter With Kansas? discusses how, in returning to his former home state of Kansas, he found culture war issues on the front burner across his state.  Cities like Wichita that used to be solid blue collar Democratic Party voting cities are now voting heavily Republican and against their own economic interests.  He attributes it to culture war issues. I should also note that Wichita, Kansas is the headquarters of Koch Industries.

    It scares me how successful the plutocrats have been in transforming public opinion.  But as you pointed out, Rush Limbaugh and his many think alikes, reach across the heartland of America every day spewing out on the air waves their falsehoods and venom. What we have is an absence of critical thinking, driven by fear and anger and hate drummed up daily by Rush Limbaugh and others.  I have given up trying to talk intelligently to many of my friends and former associates that buy into that crap. Instead I now find myself reading articles by psychologists on the American psyche...which with it's current trends towards the right might not be that far removed from facisim.

    Our only hope is to reelect Obama and kick out as many of those Tea Partiers as possible.  But changing public opinion over the next year will be a horrendous task. We need to get the Dems energized again.

    Thanks again.
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    At this point in time, I am so angry at the GOP's blatant contempt for the poor, elderly on fixed income, disabled, unemployed, middle class and the most vulnerable in our society. Although I am a lifelong Democrat, it saddens me to some extent that a major political party in the greatest nation on earth has been taken over by such radicalism from the far right wing. As I look at the GOP today, I see a mere shadow of the party that Abraham Lincoln founded. I am appalled by some of the statements I am hearing from some of the GOP candidates. We have Mitt Romney saying corporations are people, Rick Perry saying Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, Herman Cain saying the middle class should pay more taxes, and it goes on and on. I am dependent on Social Security Disability Benefits, and the GOP thinks millions who consider SS a lifeline are going to vote for someone like Rick Perry who says it is a Ponzi scheme? Are you kidding me? Then there was the recent Republican debate where some yelled out "Let him die" in response to the hypothetical question about a 30-year-old man who does not have health insurance and went into a coma. Of course, there is the all-time low approval rating for Congress (after the GOP took control of the House.) My friends, we have an important decision to make in November 2012, and I know who is going to get my vote. The GOP has done nothing in the last two years to make me want to vote for any of them, they have no new ideas, and right now I feel like they are the enemy of the middle class, poor, disabled, seniors, unemployed, etc. They are supposed to work for the people, but they are so out of touch it is astounding!

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    We are the unfortunate generation to witness the death throws of America. I see the enemy ... and it is us!.We the People have been taking America, with all it's rights, freedoms, and of course the Responsibilities that go with being Americans, for granted! We the People allowed laws to be passed that have literally destroyed our Constitution. I speak of FEMA, THE PATRIOT ACT, HOMELAND SECURITY, the new VOTED I.D. LAWS, that have swept the nations republican run states. I speak of the laws everyone is familiar with, but there are other laws passed without fanfare that "protect" these Anti- Constitutional laws. For instance, in the 1950's congress passed a bill to end the "relocation centerrs" created to "protect us from POSSIBLE Japanese spies, or trators" during World War 2 ... what was not reported was that there were 17 other laws on the books that kept them open, they now belong to Homeland Security. FEMA has the right to go into an area declared as a "disaster zone" and literally IGNORE the citizens Constitutional Rights. The Patriot Act, and Homeland Security, both not only reinforce this idea but expands on it, now, Foreign Troops (via NATO) can be called in to maintain "marshall law" in OUR STREETS, if the "American Government" deems it necessary to keep control. Ordinary Citizens can be arrested by the military troups if they are declaired radical enemies of the state, or "domestic terrorists"... These prisoners can be arrested (without a warrant) taken to a detainment center (AKA; RELOCATION CENTER) refused legal representation, refused contatc with family members, (or any one else for that matter).... All of this sounds strangely like the NAZI SS Squads or GESTAPO of NAZI GERMANY of WORLD WAR 2.....  But, WE let it happen!

       Now we have a SUPREME COURT that says corporations are people, they and ANYONE ELSE can "donate (buy)" any election we have, anomonously. By keeping donations secret, how can the common people, or anyone else for that matter tell how much a foreign country will pay to control OUR GOVERNMENT???

       Yes, I see the ENEMY... Bush, the junior, STOLE the OFFICE of the PRESIDENCY, with the help of the SUPREME COURT, Daddy's friends in the CIA, and of course Brother Jeb and his little girl. Once in office, he LIED to the world, with help, and put us in WAR, with money HE BORROWED FROM CHINA!... Why would any POTUS borrow money from CHINA? Oh, that's right... he was already working a plan to DESTROY America FINANCIALLY, which he almost did! And once he got our troops located in the desert, he changed the target from OSAMA BIN LADEN (an old family friend of the Bush family) to IRAQ.... Funny how OBL was KILLED some 18 or 20 months AFTER he lost the Bush "PROTECTION".....

    I see the worst enemy of the UNITED STATES  of AMERICA... we refer to them as the "TEA PARTY"... doesn't anyone think it strange how the tea party has so much control over the entire GOP... or I guess they don't actually call themselves the GRAND OLD PARTY anymore... It's now the RNC! (Sounds like the REPUBLICAN NATION OF CHINA!)

     And we are letting them take AMERICA over........FROM WITHIN!

    Veronica, thank you for a splended article!........ Ken
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    Now hat some republican states are passing laws allowing people to vote only if they have government I.D.  These states must now give any and all people in their  state FREE Identification.  It cannot be constitutionally correct to make people pay for an object that allows them to vote in a free democracy.  I would hope that as well as challenging these restrictions in court that the democrats in their respective governmental houses now accuse the republicans of issuing a poll tax on voters and strive to pass laws that make all forms of acceptable I.D. free to all in their state.
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    Why is it Hilary Clinton can give hand to a person over china that is blind amnestey to come to the us? I have my boy friend thats getting deported we were talking marriage now it's
    not going to happen. This land of the free and justices for all is deporting for good. I know me wrighting this isn't going to any good my own counrty has turned on and my rights
    to have the pursut of happeness.I live in Mass not even my own state will help me.I love him and he's getting the boot.what happen to the land of the free and justices for all
    no more.I've been crying my eyes out almost everyday.I've voted for 31 years this will be the first time I'm not casting my vote.Why vote it doesen't count the goverment dose what
    they want to pass. We have no rights to vote I would never of voted for injustices laws.The immigration laws are unconstitutional. If anyone could help me call me 781 925 3181
    he'son ICE has a cold heart they don't care who they hurt they are hurning families. Homeland is playing god ever since 911 the goverment is being like dictators and taking are
    rights away watch your back.