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Are liberals guilty of ignoring science too?

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    Just watched a Keith Olbermann countdown where the host blasted New Mexico's Governor as a hypocrite for  her anti-immigration views - while admitting that some of her ancestors came to the US illegally.  The host proceeded to accuse the governor of supporting legislation that would limit opportunities for illegal immigrants as a tactic to gain tea party support.

    Well I want to accuse the host of the Keith Olbermann Countdown of pandering to gain support for his party from those poised to gain from allowing unregulating immigration. 

    Why is illegal immigration a right/left wing issue, when it should be an environmental one?   Without citing exact numbers here, science shows that human population reached the 1 billion mark in the early 1800s (going back all the way to the appearance of the first homosapiens!), while it has only taken another couple hundred years to get us to the 7 billion mark today.  We're expected to reach 9 billion in just another 40 years or so. That's math, the exponential function.  True environmentalists know that we have already exceeded the planet's carrying capacity, and that there is absolutely no way to lift the masses out of poverty to enjoy even a downsized version of our bloated American lifestyle.

    My grandparents were also immigrants, but I cannot support policies that encourage or allow illegal immigrants to flow freely into this country taxing our social services, natural resources, and limited supply of jobs, importing cultural/religious practices that promote large families.

    ...And no, this isn't racism or politics, it’s just pure science.  Do the research if you disagree.  

    While the Tea Party ignores environmental degradation and climate change, the mainstream Dems ignore overpopulation's integral role the destruction of the biosphere.  Goddess help us all!

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    This argument is absurd. Whether a person is in Mexico or the U.S. isn't going to change the global environment at all. Yes, the world is overpopulated, but banning people from crossing an imaginary sovereignty line established by a government won't have an impact on that at all. Unless you are trying to argue that you are expecting them to starve to death while people live out their bloated lifestyle, immigration is not an environmental issue in the slightest.
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    I think the OP makes a better argument for genocide while not mentioning who. But the argument will not work for immigration denial or genocide.