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James Leininger's Impact on Rick Perry's Politics

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    James Leininger, a Texas millionaire and Christian Right figure, has been making the news pretty regularly over the past couple weeks. Mostly because of the massive sums of money that he has donated to Rick Perry along the way.

    This past weekend, Perry held a conservative rally which was hosted by Leininger, David Barton, and other members of the religious right. Details Here. Perry noted that the rally wasn't about fundraising, but about motivating believers.

    I shutter to think of the consequences of Rick Perry being elected from any angle, but this in particular terrifies me. Churches have an unmatched power over their congregations voting habit, not only in Texas- but all over the U.S. If Perry successfully creates an army of religious figure heads... he could actually have a chance.

    Since declaring his candidacy for presidency, he has already flip flopped on two issues that undoubtedly earned him more money from his religious backing: gay marriage and the HPV vaccine.

    What are the other consequences of a Leininger-backed President? Could he actually demolish the line between Church and State?
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    PonyNose has new singls on iTunes called "Prick Perry".  Its a good place to start.  More Political rant songs coming soon.
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    I am from Houston, but have lived in rural Texas the last ten years raising chemical free beef and fruit.  The district I formerly lived in was Tom DeLay's district.  When I first moved to that district and would try to speak  freely about my opinions regarding school, church, city politics, etc., I was told in hushed whispers, "You can get in trouble here for saying that." The oppression that enveloped that community was suffocating, not to mention sickening. I felt like I was living in a Gestapo situation.

    Now I am in rural Texas about 40 miles from College Station (TX A & M and Papa Bush's Library). Just as before in DeLay's district, I experience much the same attitude. There are many good people in this area, but I am absolutely stunned by the negative, oppressive attitudes displayed all in the name of God.

    Quite frankly I am sickened by God getting blamed for so many ugly things.
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    Isn't Leninger a Dominionist? They favor actually abolishing democracy in favor of a theocracy.