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Ron Paul ignored by his conservative brethren but I kind of like him.

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    So I was talking with my mother, a die-hard Republican, who was really favoring Bachmann for the GOP nominee but has recently really been liking Perry as well. I noticed that both of these are people that have been in the news, Ron Paul has been doing well in the polls but completely ignored by the media. If I had to choose a GOP candidate, it would be Ron Paul. When I told her this, she admitted she knew very little about Paul. I'm wondering how much the lack of coverage of Paul is going to hurt him in the long run and why he is so overlooked.
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    I admit that the Ron Paul "blackout" is strange.  And I've struggled to explain it. 

    It looks like the mainstream media has decided that Ron Paul is an annoying fringe candidate w/ some even more annoying followers, and they don't want any part in this weirdness. 

    And let's not kid ourselves, Ron Paul is weird; and he's got too many shadowy connections w/ far-right White Supremacists fringe groups to be taken seriously.  His "fright wing" mouth peice, Alex Jones, freaks a majority of people out, but he can sure mesmerize and motivate a small minority of people.

    I'm not sure what we are seeing in the "Ron Paul Revolution" is a cognitive, coherent political movement.  It's just massive mental illness. 

    Look, I've made the mistake of engaging some Ron Paul people once....sort of a 1 on  7 debate.  It was wildly disturbing, to say the least.  I just don't know where to begin w/ these Ron Paul people.  They are all over the map.