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Rebels take Tripoli

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    End of days for Gahdafi.  Freedom loving Libyans have taken Tripoli.  

    As an outright cheerleader for allied Libyan intervention,  I can't help but say I told everyone so.  

    I'm deliriously happy for the Libyan people and for the cause of the "Arab Spring."

    I applaud our President's leadership. 

    And for the first time in a long time, I'm happy about being right. 
    This was a policy attacked from the left, right, and center. 

    I told all of them to go to hell, figuratively speaking, as well as quite literally a few times.  It was a misreable ordeal, considering  the rapid degeneration of our politics over the last few years.  But once again, I stand here today a vindicated man, along with our President.  Noone can argue with results like this.  You can't "Stone the Crow."--DOWN.  I stand with President Barack "The Crow" Obama and the Libyan people.

    The right should be lining up to kiss the President's black ass.