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Charismatic Dominionism and politics

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    We have discussed the role of religion and politics in other threads, and usually those are touchy subjects for many.  I have spent considerable time trying to understand just how much much religion is influencing government policies at all levels...federal, state, and local.  In view of the fact that we have three potential Republican candidates (Bachmann, Perry and Palin) for President that are openly touting their brands of Christian ideology, I think the voters should be more informed of just what they represent and how they might instill their religious beliefs into government doctrine. As such this rather long article, The Rise of Charismatic Dominionism by Rachel Tabachnick is educational for those that want to better understand Dominionism.

    I'll extract a couple of paragraphs, but you really need to read the whole article to get a fuller understanding of how all this plays into the modern political theater.

    "The triumph of dominion theology, and the gradual unleashing of a new breed of spiritual warriors from the restraints of Dispensational theology, is transforming much of the Charismatic evangelical world.  The shift from Dispensationalism to Dominionism has produced a marked change in activism.  Ironically many of these charismatic Dominionist leaders have been pegged by the press as a wave of  "new evangelicalism" and a progressive resurgence, perhaps a return to the social gospel, or even a new liberation theology.  

    Dominionism is a term that should only be used for those whose eschatological timeline requires that Christians, in some way, gain complete authority over the earth before the return of Jesus can take place.  This can refer to some postmillennial theologies or forms of premillennial theology in which Christians are not Raptured prior to the Tribulation.  The term Dominionism should not be used to describe pre-Tribulation Dispensational theology."

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