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Ron Paul barely loses to Bachmann in Iowa Straw Poll, does he stand a chance after all?

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    17,000 people voted in the Iowa Straw Poll. That's not a lot of people. But, its supposed to be a decent gauge of who is front-running for the GOP nomination that this time. Michelle Bachmann won, but only by 152 votes. Ron Paul was second. The media thus far has not given Paul a chance in 2012. Does this change his chances at all? Personally, of the GOP hopefuls, the only one I want to see get the nomination is Paul. I don't agree with everything he stands for, but he's more than competent and tauts serious fiscal reform, personal freedom and personal responsibility.
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    I think Jon Stewart on his August 15th Comedy Central show provides the best perspective on Ron Paul and his chances within the GOP.  This is a must watch. It's hilarious!!