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Does Cornyn have a good basis for immigration reform?

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    Most people agree that immigration reform is very much needed. The limitations on green cards and visas are are pretty ridiculous. Cornyn has been favors an idea for a "more flexible and stable" framework for immigration reform over "waiting for a grand plan." Cornyn feels we are losing to many foreign high-skilled workers with our current immigration policy, and I tend to agree.

    Both sides of the aisle seem to be on board with this idea but I haven't seen anyone put forth a detailed reform bill capitalizing on this support. This seems like it would be a feather in the cap for the Congressman who gets this going. Wonder what is taking so long.
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    I applaud any Republican bucking their party's overall anti-immigrant trend. 

    Cornyn is generally an a-hole.  But the business wing of the GOP knows better than to beat up on immigrants...

    In the fight for Latino Civil Rights.....neo-conservatives & the business wing of the GOP are our allies.  

    "Politics makes strange bedfellows"-Charles Dudley Warner
    Nothing gets me more emotional and pissed off than the declaration of war on brown-skinned people by radical conservatives. 

    Checking someone's immigration status in the street w/o probable cause of an immigration violation, amounts to an arrest under reasonable suspicion.  It is not a Terry-stop at that point. Because state-criminal charges are now in play, suspects have a right to invoke the 5th amendment.  If police don't have probable cause of an immigration violation, they cannot demand more information than required under stop and identify statues to uncover probable cause, nor can they demand self-incriminating information, or arrest you still, if you cannot or refuse to provide it.* Driver's must show identification per civil code. Driving is a privilege not a right.  
    These laws require immigration checks in any legal "stop, detention, or arrest" in the enforcement of other laws.....individuals don't first don't need to have done something wrong.  Secondly, the law ignores parts of federal law, which contradict w/ the maximal enforcement of others.  Not every instance of unlawful entry or failure to show papers is a federal crime (ie refugee status).  It's up to the federal government to decide if an individual is not allowed to be in the country.  And the states cannot subject individuals to criminal offenses, based on violations of federal laws, subject to their interpretation.   
    There are other ways for states to enforce or support federal law w/o violating the constitutional rights of American citizens, or criminalizing the GOSPEL. 
    This isn't just an attack on the Constitution.  It's an attack on Christianity.  These laws are loathsome to the fabric of American life. 
    I will fight these With Teeth.