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Glimpsing a Democratic Venezuela After Chavez

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    With Chavez's recent cancer diagnosis and treatment, his failing politics over the many years and his weakening persona, a lot of people are asking the same question, what will it be like after Hugo Chavez. Chavez wants to hold office until 2030. But, it looks as though that date could be cut significantly, say more like 2012, that this rate.

    Here's a really good article on the topic: Glimpsing a Democratic Venezuela After Chavez: Enrique Krauze

    Krauze ends the article saying, "With or without Chavez in power, Venezuela in December 2012 can become part of an often-ignored miracle of the 21st century: the conversion of Latin America to democracy." Sounds like real potential. But, Krauze also calls for Venezuela to model Brazil and not Cuba. Do you think this will actually happen?