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Rick Perry invites John Hagee to prayer event

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    John Hagee was on the list of invites to Rick Perry's "The Response", a controversial prayer meeting event. Bad move, Perry. Even Mccain was smart enough not to associate with this zealot evangelist. In 2008, Mccain withdrew Hagee's endorsement on his campaign and even that small public association almost erupted in Mccain's face. Hagee is infamous for saying enormously insane things like Hilter was doing God's will. Wow. Personally, I hope this becomes a scandal and they both get trashed in the media for it. Being from Texas, the LAST person I want for serious consideration for president would be Rick Perry.
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    I see no problems here, We live in AMERICA where our freedoms allow us to pray with who ever we want to. we are not trying to change that are we?