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Young Turks compare John Hagee's sermons to Muslim extremists

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    Check this video out. The Young Turks Network comparing John Hagee's sermons to Muslim extremists, among other things. Pretty scary stuff...

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    The Cenk commentary was of course made during the 2008 Presidential campaign in which John McCain sought the endorsement of John Hagee and later had to reject his endorsement when his Hitler holocaust statements surfaced. However, it took McCain three months to make that rejection.

    Now Governor Perry has also sought out John Hagee despite his well known hate rhetoric.  From the Dallas Morning News, July 9, 2011: "Hagee has said that Hitler was God's instrument to create a Jewish state, that the Catholic church is the "whore of Babylon" and he preaches an end-times theology that anticipates bombing Iran. But Perry knows Hagee and has visited his church. And Hagee is scheduled to appear at Perry's Christian prayer summit on August 6 in Houston...Perry, who is considering running for president, has worked to cultivate Hagee and other Christian conservatives, who will be important in the early primary and caucus states in picking the GOP nominee for president. And word of Perry's "day of prayer and fasting for a troubled nation" has reached Iowa and South Carolina, where social conservative voters are assessing the GOP field."

    I just find it astounding that so many Americans are taken in by the hate rhetoric of John Hagee and his many peers who prey on fear and hate to promote their selfish agenda. But their polar opposites in the extremist elements of the Muslim faith do exactly the same thing.  In that respect Christian and Muslim extremists are alike.  They believe what they want to believe.  Or as Dr. Carl Sagan put it:

    "You can't convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it's based on a deeep seated need to believe." -- Carl Sagan