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Megyn Kelly returns and calls out Mike Gallagher

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    Megyn Kelly returns to Fox News and "America Live" after taking a 3 month maternity leave. Apparently, most thought this time off was warranted and pretty routine. Everyone except Mike Gallagher for some reason, calling it "a racket". Here's what they said to each other on the air when she first got back: Megyn Kelly to Mike Gallagher: I’m happy with my baby and my employer, not so much with you

    Gallagher shamefacedly muttered several unintelligible excuses — including a half-hearted hint that he had hoped the comment wouldn’t make it through the grapevine to the great Kelly herself — before saying (one hopes jokingly!), “I’d been drinking.”

    “Now you’re more along the path of what I expected,” Kelly quipped back to the man she assured viewers is, in fact, her friend.

    But the power mom didn’t let Gallagher off the hook that easily.

    “What is it about getting pregnant and carrying a baby for nine months and giving birth to a child that you think doesn’t deserve a little time for bonding and recovery?” she asked, after asserting at the outset of the interview that Gallagher’s comment was a “moronic thing to say.”
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    Did you see Jon Stewart rip her a new one? Great piece on the "New Kelly" pulled from this interveiw you are talking about.