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Did Nancy Grace confuse the Casey Anthony jurors?

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    Nancy Grace runs a show on HLN where she covers news, mostly on criminal justice. Basically, she finds the most outrageously disgusting and vile acts of serial killing, rape, murder, etc and sensationalizes on the case, dishing out her opinions on what should be done. Her interviews and commentary are hard to watch. And, not just because of the content. It's mostly because she's an angry and bitter old woman that "tells it like it is". Annoying.

    My question is this, do you think Nancy Grace confused the jurors from the Casey Anthony trial? Even though they didn't end up agreeing with her verdict, there was a call that her 'reporting' was violating the 6th amendment, muddying up the waters between truth and sensationalism.

    Source: Rutten: The threat of Nancy Grace
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    I don't see why you think she confused the jury.  It's obvious that this woman, Casey Anthony if responsible for her child's death.  What kind of a mother would  fail to contact the police if her child was really missing?  Also, she was out partying while this child was missing.  She was the last person to see Caylee so I  think i'ts obvious she knows what happened to Caylee.  Also, if she knew this child had drowned why did she let the police and all those volunteers look for Caylee?  None of it makes any sense, why not just call 911?  Also, why all the lies?   

    The jury was sequestered anyway so they shouldn't have been watching Nancy Grace or any other show regarding this case.  Why pick on Nancy, she wasn't the only person with an opinion about this case!!

    Just because Casey was acquitted by a jury doesn't mean that she's innocent!
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    I have a hard time listening to anything that woman has to say. Nancy Grace is just awful. Her arguments and points rarely make any sense and she picks the most absurd things to report on. She never has all the facts or even if she does, she refuses to report the things that make the case seem more mundane.

    As for the Anthony case, I don't know how all the proceedings went and I only know the surface facts that everyone reported on, but if the jury wasn't sequestered and watched Nancy Grace or any other programs, then that is grounds for a mistrial.
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    "Just because Casy was aquitted doesn't mean she is not guilty" Very, very good point you bring out, I haven't heard lot of the self appointed "experts" expand on this. In our system( and I still believe,that with all it's faults and shortcomings, it's still the best in the world)there is a world of difference in "not guilty" and innocent.The problem was, the proscuter choose a carrear over justice. First degree murder REQUIRES other words, she had to plan this killing, and there wasn't enough evidence to back that one up. A proscuter more concerned with justice instead of getting elected to congress on the back of a sensational case, would have brought first degree manslaughter charges. Casey would now be in prison, for somewhere between 15-25 years.There was never first degree murder in that case, and a lot of others contributed to that poor little girl dying. Should she have gone to prison.Sure, but don't blame the jury or anyone else. Put the blame squarely where it should the feet of an over reaching DA.  And yes,Nancy Grace is a pig.