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Anyone worse than Nancy Grace?

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    Obviously, this is a rhetorical question. But, I'd still like to know if any of you think there is a more annoying TV pundit/sensationalist than Nancy Grace, the queen of lifetime drama mean?
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    Personally, I really like Nancy Grace.  She wants justice for victims of brutal crimes.    Also, you aren't forced to watch her show so if you find her annoying why would you watch her show?!
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    Her show was always on air when I took my break at the last company I worked for. That woman is ridiculous. She makes the most absurd points and she says them with such conviction and so loudly people think she is right.

    I actually remember when I finally gave up on that woman. It was during the Natalie Holloway craze. She was yelling about how emotional it made her, which is fine. But then she said something along the lines of "This girl is an American citizen. Why did she not have a police escort at all times?"

    She just sensationalizes everything and takes it to the extreme. I haven't met a single person who enjoys her show.