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Does New Mexico Have a Spelling Problem and Does the Tea Party Have Anything to Do With It?

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    Check out this video on the Sandoval County, New Mexico’s anti-underage drinking billboard prepared by local students with a ‘glaring’ error. The story here is that the billboards designed by Alejandro Reveles have been up since January and no one noticed. Not the students who participated in the project, not the teachers supervising the students and even passing motorists didn’t notice. Clearly the intentions were nobel from the media class that created it and hopefully they are being well served by their educators.

    In the ‘Under-Aged Drinkng IS a Problem” billboard displayed prominently on NM Interstate 25, the ‘i’ is missing. It took a local television station to finally notice the mistake. Target 7 then proceeded to interview numerous NM residents, showing them the sign to see if they could catch the ‘glaring’ mistake and none could.