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Pat Buchanan claims Darwinism is "disastrous" and faith based.

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    Pat Buchanan claims Darwinism is a 'disastrous theory.' He also claims it is not science but is faith based. Buchanan, in his 2005 article, puts stock in creationism and intelligent design which is says is based on science. Additionally, he takes Biblical stories as literal truth. Jonah and the whale and the 6 day creation. I'm still taken back by people who think this way. I just don't know how people can still view this argument as valid with all the hard evidence against it.
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    I mentioned Pat Buchanan briefly at the end of my post about the Democratic debates, and was curious about his current positions. Typing in "Pat Buchanan" in the search bar pulled up this thread and two others.

    Buchanan is now 80 years old, but still appears occasionally on FOX.

    His biography describes him as a "paleo conservative", a term I was not familiar with. However, if you look up the definition, it sounds EXACTLY like Donald Trump.

    Paleoconservatism (sometimes shortened to paleocon) is a predominantly American conservative political philosophy which stresses traditionalism, limited government, Christian ethics, regionalism and nationalism.

    Paleoconservatism's concerns overlap those of the Old Right that opposed the New Deal in the 1930s and 1940s. According to the international relations scholar Michael Foley, "paleoconservatives press for restrictions on immigration, a rollback of multicultural programs, the decentralization of federal policy, the restoration of controls upon free trade, a greater emphasis upon economic nationalism and noninterventionism in the conduct of American foreign policy, and a generally revanchist outlook upon a social order in need of recovering old lines of distinction and in particular the assignment of roles in accordance with traditional categories of gender, ethnicity, and race".

    Accordng to the Mirriam-Webster dictionary, a revanchist relates to a policy to recover lost territory or status.

    See the source image

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    Why place that UGLY hat? It makes me sick ; No America, will never be great again; the only time when it was, was just after WWII; after that it has gone downhill because of all the "wars" started by this country. If you wonder about the deficit, then you know why. As well all the crosses at Arlington.