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Space shuttle in New York?

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    With NASA shutting down there has been talk about where to store the space shuttle. When Houston expressed desire to have it stored at Johnson Space Center Schumer responded;

    “I’ve heard that Houston is making a big pitch to get NASA to reverse itself. Well let me say to Houston what we say in Brooklyn: forget about it. They are not getting the shuttle, uh, Houston may want it but we have it, we’re fighting for it, and we’re gonna to keep it. And I say to the people in Houston when people all around the world in London and Tokyo and Paris and Buenos Aires say, “”gee I can’t wait for my trip to Houston”” then you can have a shuttle. Until then its staying in New York because New York is where it belongs. More people will see the shuttle in New York than in anywhere else. We are the world’s capital for tourism and uh this is where the shuttle belongs at. The bottom line, again, to Houston you better give up the fight cause we’re keeping the shuttle and you don’t mess with New York"

    This is very extreme, NASA doesnt realyl have any ties to New York. Schumer's only argument is that New York get more tourism which is an absurd argument. Cape Canaveral and Houston are considered the homes of American Space flight. Should Schumer offer an apology for his aggressive rhetoric?