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Scarborough's 10 "Truths" About the Debt Crisis

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    Here's a list of Joe Scarborough's 10 Truths about the debt crisis. This is supposedly the real top 10 list of why this deal is turning into a nightmare and may not go through at all.

    1. Barack Obama doesn't want a deal.
    2. The Republican Congress doesn't want a deal.
    3. Barack Obama has no interest in entitlement reform.
    4. Most Republicans have no interest in serious tax reform.
    5. The Democratic president wants to keep Wall Street happy.
    6. Republican leaders want to keep Wall Street happy.
    7. Democrats don't give a damn about debt reduction.
    8. Republicans don't give a damn about debt reduction.
    9. Both sides are lying about taxes.
    10. Both sides are afraid to tell you how bad things really are.

    So, that's the list. Really that list could be edited down to about 5-7, but whatever. Scarborough basically points blame all around fairly equally and makes it seem as though no one really ever wants to touch this issue at all. Makes sense to me. Why else would the debt ceiling have been raised, without much hesitation at all in the past, over 100 times?!

    Full article of the list with detailed explanation on each point here: The Real Deal On The Debt Debate