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Joe Scarborough vs the far Left

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    I'm a liberal who enjoys watching Morning Joe. It's nice to get a conservative perspective on things without the craziness. Now, Joe sometimes touts the conservative line and says things easily arguable that I can understand gets liberals upset. But he also avoids all the obvious nonsense. So few Republican commentators can actually say something negative against conservatives. So I like that Joe is one of the few who will on many occasions tell it like it is.

    But a lot of liberals really dislike him. I'm not sure why. Most everyone on Fox News I just have so little respect for. But with Joe I feel like I could actually have an intellectual debate on stuff and not get a bunch of talking point BS full of obvious lies.

    Joe is where the Republican party should be. Stick to their beliefs which run contrary to Democrats but without all the excessive bs and lies from right wing media sources such as Fox News.
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    It's obvious that "Morning Joe" has had a change of heart since 2011. His letter in this morning's Washington post is worth reading:

    " I believe Lori’s selfless vision of America will prove stronger than Trump’s. Lori entered public service to help others; Trump has demonstrated time and again that he holds his position to gain praise and hoard media attention, even if it shatters a family and slanders a good woman in the process.

    “My wife deserves better,” T.J. wrote to Dorsey. So, too, does the nation T.J. Klausutis proudly serves."