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Rupert Murdoch, "Frankly, I'm the best person to clean this up."

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    Rupert Murdoch and many others were questioned in front of Parliament for the hacking crimes that "News of the World" committed. When Murdoch was questioned and pressed about taking full blame for the fiasco, he got a little hostile.

    Murdoch actually thinks that he can just play dumb and incompetent during the hearing and pass blame onto any and all of his underlings. But, at the same time, he said and I quote him, "Frankly, I'm the best person to clean this up."

    So, the CEO that had no idea what was going on during this, even know allegations have been present clearly since at least 2005 is the one most capable of "cleaning this up"! Really?! Come on now. That's a very weak argument.

    What are your thoughts? Should he be forced to step down? Is it possible to make him or somehow pin this on him? Or, do you believe him?