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The Bachmanns' anti-gay agenda

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    Reference: Jason Horowitz, Washington Post, July 5, 2011, Michele Bachmann's husband shares her strong conservative values.

    Jason Horowitz's article on Marcus Bachmann and Michele Bachmann points to their lifelong, faith based campaign against the LGBT community based on their shared deep religious beliefs.  A few tidbits from the article: 

    Dr. Marcus Bachmann, who runs a faith-infused counseling center, Bachmann & Associates, has called homosexuals “barbarians” who “need to be educated, need to be disciplined.” His center runs practiced “reparative therapy,” a method of converting homosexuals to heterosexuality often called “praying away the gay.”

    Michele Bachmann spearheaded a proposed ban on gay marriage in 2004, recalling that “a member of our family” was gay and called it “a very sad life. It’s part of Satan.” The family member is her step-sister.

    Ron Carey, Bachmann's former chief of staff has said of the Bachmanns' relationship: “Philosophically, they are 100 percent aligned.”

    Peter Bachmann, Michele Bachmann's husband's oldest brother, goes even further: “He is her godly husband...the husband is to be the head of the wife, according to God.”

    As Horowitz reports: "It is a philosophy that Michele Bachmann echoed to congregants of the the Living Word Christian Center in 2006, when she stated that she pursued her degree in tax law only because her husband had told her to. “The Lord says: Be submissive, wives. You are to be submissive to your husbands,” she said. "

    There's even the rest of the Washington Post article at the above link.  Is this the kind of woman we would want as President...and her husband as the "First Man?" Ha!

    Yet she is the favorite in the Iowan Republican polls right now...
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    I'm not saying Democrats have not produced Big Stupid ourselves in past non-incumbency years.  Obama, Kerry, & Gore all won their primaries by default, as the calmest, coolest, & most confident men (persons) in the room.  
    But previous Democratic primaries simply do not compare to the Big Ugly going down in the Republican primary field of 2012.  The most reasonable candidate is Buddy "Who?" Roemer.  The last Good Republican Left.  He's running on Campaign Finance Reform, and going nowhere as a third tier candidate.

    Michele "Something Is Not Right With Me" Bachmann is now leading in the Iowa polls?  Yeah, Iowa is pretty crazy, and Bachmann's got big appeal to radical social conservatives.
    But still.  How is it possible that this many people can be completely detached from their good senses to the point of psychosis? 

    "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all other forms."- Churchill
    We got a massive education problem in this country, and its self-perpetuating with candidates like Palin & Bachmann. 

    Can you imagine a Bachmann presidency?
    If I don't get out of the country, and away from it all, I'll necessarilly end up using heroin.  It will be the only way to cope!
    What foul self-destruction awaits us all in the depths of the Big Darkness!

    NIN: "Gave up"
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    I should have said that Bachmann and Mitt Romney are in a virtual tie amongst Iowa Republicans.  But in favorability ratings she has a solid lead in Iowa, 65 percent versus 52 percent for Mitt Romney.

    I suspect that Iowa Republican voters are not reading the same news sources as the rest of us. Maybe after the publicity of the Washington Post article, some of them will change their minds. It's still early and the more the public learns about the "flakey" Bachmann, the more they will be put least the moderates.  However, the Christian fundamentalists will be even more committed to her..  She has been playing to that audience in Iowa and elsewhere.

    As some news pundits like Chris Matthews have pointed out, Michelle Bachmann is the "real thing"...that is she hasn't changed her tune and flip flopped on issues like Romney now...and McCain in 2008. She is a product of her Christian evangelical beliefs and will not deviate from them, whatever her role in government.  So if elected, a President Bachmann will be exactly the same as the "real Michele Bachmann" that we are seeing on the campaign...absolutely true to her beliefs.

    Bachmann and Associates should do a thriving business in "praying away the gay."  Maybe it will even become an Executive Order.
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    A Bachmann presidency is just too scary to even think about.  
    It would essentially declare to the world that the United States has been taken over by a dealth-cult.

    This lady is the worst movement conservatism has to offer.  She's a cold-blooded social conservative-imperialist!  She wants God Government!