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Rick Perry has 3 days to sign or veto 1,170 bills

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    Rick Perry, the current governor of Texas, is thinking about running for president in 2012. Well, apparently he forgot that he is still paid to be governor and there is still work to be done. Right now, Perry has over 1,000 bills sitting on his desk just waiting for his approval or veto, and he has a whole 3 days to finish them all.

    Of course, his spokesman says that he has paid very close attention to and read all of the bills and when will finish by the deadline. Hard for me to believe... How can one man be so irresponsible and procrastinate on legislation that will effect millions for years to come?
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    The media needs to look beyond Perry's "record of job creation in Texas' 

    so far the only comments i have seen from mainstream media show him in a positive light. 

    his real record and performance need to be investigated and exposed.

    remember this man refers to himself as a 'Prophet'

    his famous "secessoin" talk is yet another example of a mistaken understanding of law and civics, so typical of the republican party: 
    Texas does not have a 'secession' clause in its constitution. so Perry's  secession talk is just more inflammatory. hostile garbage.

    I hope that Matthews and Maddow will do something soon. The sooner Perry is exposed, the better.

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    My fellow Texans DT & sbfriedman are absolutely right about Gov. Perry. 

    But, before I get started with negatives.  I'd like to begin with some postives about Perry.  
    He just recently signed the first hydro-fracture state disclosure law of its kind.

    He has overseen a state housing market, that after having gone through an S&L crisis and several oil money speculator booms, remained largerly insulated from the national housing meltdown, primarily due to the stingent regulations pertaining to homeloan documentation, which voters decided on in constitutional amendment elections. 

    Initially, when SB 1070 in Arizona was passed, Perry joined in the criticism of the bill;
    but after HR 2162 was passed modifying the language of the law,  in a terrifying two-step, Perry endorsed it as a model for legislation in Texas. 

    Now, with rest of the negatives:
    The man is an evangelical-revanchist, and one smooth talkin' Machiavellian Southerner.

    He took Stimulus Funds and then criticized the program. 

    He doesn't believe in federal taxation. 

    He believes in Secession.

    He's more than willing to balance the budget on the backs of the poor. 

    And he's setting Texas up for exploitation. 

    Oh, and there's also this:
    While the Governor's Mansion was being renovated, Texas taxpayers footed over $600,000 to house the Governor in an exclusive Austin mansion.  This while the budget deficit swelled and the Governor demanded cuts to state agencies. 

    Finally, Perry may have signed off an innocent man's execution, and then used his powers as Governor to block an investigation.