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Chris Matthews and Ron Paul debate

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    Chris Matthews and Ron Paul debating Libertarian ideals vs. Democratic ones. Interesting stuff. Honestly, I think the true answer is somewhere in the middle. But, I can't help but root for Ron Paul. Am I alone in this? Are there any people on this site that see the difference between Ron Paul and all the other Republicans?

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    Also, what do you think about Ron Paul's point about heroin and drug use?
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    I might be using heroin if we elect someone taking contributions from STORMFRONT and other White Supremacist organizations.
    I hear it's like an orgasm in your arm, not the White Supremacy, but the heroin.
    And weird and dangerous drugs like this are probably best left locked away from people like me. If Ron Paul becomes President....I'll need to be in good form, fit and will be the American Dream's darkest, most perverted hour....and only the strong will survive. You think the Big Darkness is bad. Just wait. Just you wait. The smell of death will soon stick to our clothes.

    In all seriousness though, the highly addictive nature of heroin corrupts the free-will of users. Heroin addiction is not a matter of highly active choice....individuals who fall deep with in its cracks are not of sound legal mind. They represent an active potential threat to the community and to themselves. No matter what way you slice it, intravenous usage of drugs is a major f#$%ing problem for public policy. It is not a revenue source we need in the mix.
    I believe in harm reduction. I believe in decriminalization and smart policing. I believe in treating drug addiction like a public health crisis. But I am not in favor of legalizing heroin. Legalization would create wider availability. There are people who would get to try it who otherwise would not. And I might be one of those people. But this is not nanny-state. I am not against legalizing heroin because I think it would be better for the users to not use, that's not enough to justify state action. I believe from a utilitarian-liberal perspective that heroin usage by individuals poses a latent threat to the liberty of others.

    On the matter of the 1964 Civil Rights Act-
    Both Title II- public accommodations and Title VII- employment provisions
    are sound constitutional public policy.....and even without relying on the Commerce Clause as justification.
    SCOTUS might have overruled using the 14th Amendment over 130 years ago...
    But in my opinion,
    Businesses and employers have no right to racially discriminate against customers or employees, because:
    Everyone's tax dollars pays for the roads and bridges and highways surrounding a business. Everyone's tax dollars pays for a justice system to enforce contract law.
    Everyone's tax dollars pays for schooling for future workers.
    Everyone's tax dollars pays for national defense.
    And a member of every race creed or color has died defending this nation in battle.
    So it is a violation of the 14th Amendment for states to allow racial discrimination by businesses and employers operating in their jurisdiction.

    The states cannot racially discriminate per the 14th, right. Well, by protecting the right of businesses to racially discriminate....states would appear to be inexorably violating "equal protection." SCOTUS found otherwise in the Civil Rights Cases, 1883, after they shut down "privileges and immunities" in the Slaughterhouse Cases, 1873. Epic f#$%ing fail!

    I'd post links but I'm using CHROME.

    For all that could have been,
    El Prezidente Kaboom