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Tim Pawlenty says corporate taxes are too high...even for companies paying ZERO taxes

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    Reference: Lee Fang, Think Progress, March 2, 2011: Asked if Bank of America Paying Nothing in Corporte Taxes is Fair, Pawlenty Responds: Taxes are 'Too High'.

    This is what gets me about most Republican candidates...they tow the party line no matter what....just like drones. Here's an extract from Lee Fang's interview with Pawlenty at the Tea Party Convention in Phoenix:

    FANG: Governor, today liberals are demonstrating all over the country in what CBS has called a liberal version of the Tea Party. Their main complaint is that a lot of corporations aren’t paying their fair share. For example, Bank of America, in 2009 paid nothing in corporate income taxes, same with ExxonMobil, GE, and a lot of other big corporations. Do you think corporations like Bank of America should pay their fair share? What are your thoughts on that?

    PAWLENTY: Well actually the corporate tax rate in Minnesota and around the country is too high. And I think one thing we could and should do is–

    FANG: You think zero is too high with Bank of America paying nothing?

    PAWLENTY: We have the highest corporate tax rate, or one of them, in the world–

    As Fang points out, "In 2009, as Bank of America made billions in untaxed profits, the firm’s top executives received pay “ranging from $6 million to nearly $30 million.”

    But it outside of his conditioned thinking to even contemplate that coroprate taxes are anything but too high...even when confronted with evidence that some companies can't pay less than ZERO. It's crazy...

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    Pawlenty directly endorsed wellfare for corporations.  At zero, the only place for the Treasury to go is into the negative.  And you can thank Milton Friedman for the negative-income tax.  We are twirling towards fascism.  All we need is a bump in the road and it's over. 

    The oligarchical redistribution of wealth in this country has rotted us whole.  The American Well of Opportunity has been poisoned like a Chinese River.  America the Beautiful no more.  Now only cold and depraved.  Big Darkness, what hell have you brought?  Where are we going?  What's the next move?
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    Not only did those huge corporations pay no taxes at all ....... G.E. I know even got a REFUND last year! Imagine that!
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    The Liberal Tea Party is now very real.  Say hello to US Uncut, courtesy of the Anglo-American gift-giving tradition...we saved their ass in two wars....and they have given us things like the Beatles, Ozzy, & the Rolling thanks to UK Uncut, we in the U.S. have a model to use in our fight against corporate tyranny.  It's called Direct Action and the folks at US Uncut are taking the fight to the belly of the Beast.
    I cheer for them!  Get With it!  Hope-Nation with liberty justice for all!