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Tim Pawlenty supports government shutdown

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    Think Progress reports from the Tea Party Summit in Phoenix that Tim Pawlenty supports a government shutdown in order to get the budget balanced. Quoting Pawlenty:

    "We’ve got to get back to certain principles and responsibilities and starting with getting the budget balanced and if it takes a dramatic moment or a dramatic week or a dramatic month, those kinds of line-in-the-sand moments are what we need to get politicians back up against the wall and have them make the tough decisions."

    There is no question that we have a deficit problem.  But does Tim Pawlenty really understand what would happen under a government shutdown of one month?  We have discussed how drastic that could be in another forum post, What happens in a government shutdown, but for curiosity I Googled "implications of a government shutdwon" and was surprised to find lots of websites addressing implications....for government contractors.

    It seems all the government contractors are preparing for that eventuality, and rightfully so because "Big Government" is the trough that they feed from.

    The Republicans lost public opinion in the last government shutdowns in 1995/1996.  Unlike 1995, they now have the Fox News machine humming along feeding lies to the populace daily, and they are all primed and ready to pin the blame squarely on Obama and the Democrats.  They want a government in which the outcome will be devasting to social programs...and the implementation of the new health care law...and jobs.  The bottom line is they want Obama to fail.

    There are some rational, responsible Republicans that understand what a government shutdown of one month would do to our country.  But "rational" and "responsible" are not words I would choose in describing the Tea Party Republicans that would cheer if the government shutdowns.

    At some point, responsible Republicans and Democrats are going to have to get together and realize that the only way to get a balanced budget sometime in the distant future is to raise taxes on everyone, but especially the rich....and cut military spending.  Go back to the Clinton tax rates for a starter...but maybe even further.

    The biggerst chunk of those additional taxes should be spent on infrastructure, clean energy and building a modern public transport system including high speed be built by private contractors funded by our tax dollars.  It will stimulate employment right here in America, much like the building of the Interstate highway system did for America in the 1950s and 1960s when the top marginal tax rate was 91 percent. Those workers rebuilding America will pay taxes on their income that will stimulate even more investment.

    But Jobs for Americans are not something that the Republican Tea Party cares about...they are misguided in only caring about enacting the Koch brothers agenda. And if it results in a government shutdown so be it...they have a lot of cake to eat while waiting it out. Most middle class Americans do not.

    My opinion subject to discussion and debate...