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Ed Schultz support of unions and blue collar workers

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    There is no bigger supporter of unions and blue collar workers in politics than Ed Schultz. He is often making comments in support of average workers and the middle class. More so than any other commentators or tv hosts out there is seems to me. And he also is very passionate about it.

    What does everyone think about Ed and is strong support for middle class workers?
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    Ed is tough minded, having once played for the Oakland Raiders. And at one time he identified with Republicans and money, but switched parties in 2000.  Joe Connelly of the The Seattle Post-Intelligencer quoted Ed Schultz in his 2005 column, In the Northwest, Liberal voices turning up the volume on the radio:

    "Oh yea, I was a conservative," he said. "I was probably hard-line, preoccupied with how much money I would make and how far I would go. But I began seeing a lady who directs a homeless clinic in Fargo.

    "One of our first get-togethers was to a Salvation Army dinner, where I met some jobless Vietnam veterans. It started my transition, opened my eyes. I investigated veterans benefits, and began to discover where we are coming up short as a society."

    "Finally, in 2000, I declared on the air: I'm a Democrat, I'm a liberal."

    Like Keith Olbermann, Ed was a radio sports broadcaster but then switched to liberal talk broadcasting, eventually going head to head with Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity in the early afternoon time slot. I listened to him before he went on MSNBC. Like many TV and radio personalities, it is not good enough to just espouse a cause. They need to entertain, and Ed does that with his blue collar, plain talking passion that resonates with middle class workers. He is the true voice of the middle class worker, and not the pretenders in the Tea Party movement that are funded by the Koch brothers.

    I watched Ed on MSNBC as he broadcast from the Madison capitol.  The crowd was wildly behind him. It was Ed at his best...I sure hope he wins.

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    I think Ed is doing a good job supporting unions.
    I would like to get a message to Ed but can't figure out the technology. I think the Hostess bakers' union should
    buy the factory & run it, saving all the CEO salaries & splitting the profits for themselves. Should be able to get
    a good price. Don't let Baine get it. A bakery on the Northwest coast is doing that & I think it should be a
    good example to follow.
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    I think Ed's support of the middles class has been a great asset to the Great Change that is coming. All issues come down to 1 issue, the opportunity to work, not hand-outs or gifts.
    That is exactly what Ed points out many times on his show. The opportunity over the last 30 plus years has been greatly reduced by downsizing, and corporate greed wrapped up in the term, "Free Market."
    Many should remember that our economy in mid 20th century was "Mixed" when you shift the economy with strong unions to negotiate wages and benefits that benefit the proper reward for work.
    Then jobs are created through Demand for goods and services with fair wages where people have the money to spend. As many millionaires have stated, they are not the job creators through tax cuts, that was already proven. The wealth gap also proves that statement with the chart that Ed has shown many times on his show.
    God Bless Ed Schultz and the many people with economic compassion for others.
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    I'm a union member retired I hope every one has it as good as i do.
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    He knows how working and poor people feel. Keep it up