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Orly Taitz still at it...

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    You would think that the birth certificate and the newspaper clipping that proves Obama's birth in Hawaii would be enough. Now the governor of Hawaii says he knew the Obama's when Barack was born. When will Orly Taitz just back down. It's time that she admits she is wrong. Or at least just bow out. What would possess someone to believe something so strongly that it would blind them to evidence that is staring them right in the face.

    How long do you guys think she can keep this up? Will she continue the fight after Obama has left office to try and make his term illegitimate in the books? How many court battles must she lose before she opens her eyes?
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    Orly Taitz is just another in a long line of surrogates that are a part of the Republican attack strategy against Obama.  They keep surfacing all over the place again and again and Fox News gives everyone of them a pulpit to spread their lies and hate. If it's not Orly Taitz making headlines on Fox News, it's James O'Keefe and his fabricated story on ACORN.  And Pamela Geller and her "Ground Zero Mosque" hype against Muslims.  Is Obama a Muslim? Oh, and then there is that anonymous blogger in India that claimed that Obama's Far East trip was costing taxpayers $200 million a day...never mind the fact that the number was so incredulously ridiculous...but it made headlines at Fox News doing what they always do...feeding the BIg Stupid. Facts don't matter.

    And that's basically what Orly Taitz and a whole host of other surrogates are doing...feeding the Big Stupid. But where are they getting their money?  I can't help but feel there is some "behind the scenes" money funding their false campaigns, just like the Tea Party effort was largely funded by the Koch brothers hiding behind Dick Armey's "grassroots" Freedomworks.

    Obama has repeatedly said it is not about him but rather about the issues.  But Republicans attack, attack, attack endlessly with mindless trivia and bullshit stories that are designed in the aggregate to create doubt in the minds of the populace. And the sad thing works.
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    See: Shuster-Taitz interview.

    Psycho-politics.....the new normal?  
    Socrates warned us about the lunacy of Democracy, but I never believed it would come to this.......
    Get Ready for the Big Weird, Big Whacky, Big Stupid, Big Darkness....courtesy of the cold and depraved.