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What is Net Neutrality?

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    I have to say I didn't really understand it until I read this article. I think it helps that the guy who coined the term is talking about it. Over all I think it's a great idea and I had no idea that the net can be so blocked.

    "The point of net neutrality is whether it makes it easier for entrepreneurs to challenge existing companies. That's the best way to judge it...As a checklist, here's what you want: First, does it prevent blocking? Number two, does it let consumers attach whatever devices they want to their Internet connection? Number three, does it ban paid prioritization, i.e, a deal between Comcast and Hulu that excludes or slows Netflix on Comcast's network? Number four, can it survive a challenge in the federal courts? And five, does it include wireless? "

    I have to say that I hate having to buy a modem that works with my internet provider. I hate having such limited internet options in my area. Each of these are part of the internet neutrality plan and idea. And I'm glad someone out there is fighting for the companies who are being shoved out.

    What do you think?
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    Here's a great example for you of net neutriality not being followed.

    Comcast, the cable giant, has threatened to block access to the popular online movie service Netflix unless the company that streams its films pays new and extortionate tolls.
    In additon, "Comcast was caught red-handed trying to smother the marketplace for competitive Internet modems designed for use on its network -- a violation of fundamental Net Neutrality principles that allow you to choose what devices you want to use."

    Why would Comcast do these types of things?
    They want to control all things and smother their competition.

    Why don't we want this to happen?
    1) We like Netflix!
    2) We like innovations from new companies!
    3) We don't want Comcast to be in charge. Diversity is better.
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    Comcast fought against HD. And with good reason. They use a single wire for internet, phone and TV. And now 4x and 8x TV are von the way. Oh, what is a dinosuar to do? They have to make people think they own the web. For the web is the only way they will be able to give their customers 4x TV.

    Ain't real sure where the post above is coming from.