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Vote Republican or Go to Hell....

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    Because God watches how you vote.

    AND! If you're not sure just how righteous a candidate is, let David Barton tell you. Because he has an eye for that sort of thing....

    Way to go, David Barton. After all, why would God create Seperation of Church and State if he didn't want you to COMPLETELY ignore it?
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    That is one of the more disturbing videos I have ever seen.  It shows pretty clearly that there is a GREAT divide in this country at a fundamental level.  The constitution and the spirit of American ideals gives everyone the right to freedom of speech and opinion and I'm glad to see that it's mostly upheld, especially with the advent of the internet.  But, its scary to see politicians mixing faith and politics.  I know that this is not a new tactic; Republicans have been running on this platform of faith and the God bless America stance for decades.  But, to see it so blantantly done, such a disregard for the separation of church and state, someone needs to atleast put these guys in their place.  The debate needs to be brought to the forefront and settled NOW! Is America a Christian Nation or a nation that honors every faith equally and values total separation of church state?   The answer should be obvious, but obviously, it's not.
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    First as a Christian, you should be living in the world but not be of it! The only allegiance or party any Christian will have is to GOD.
    You can not serve two masters..
    And God is watching, every word that comes out of your mouth, you will be held accountable to when you are standing in  front of the Righteous Judge. And as far as judging who will or will not go to hell, don't judge because with the judgment you judge, you will be judged.
    How do you know who is or isn't written in the Book of Life? Who are you to create your own commandments to supersede those of the Almighty Father?
    That is what you are doing, madam.
    Jesus saved a criminal hanging on a cross next to him, when that criminal asked for forgiveness at the last moment.
    Any sin can be forgiven anyone, murder, any sin except blaspheming the Holy Spirit that is in someone and calling that Spirit bad is unforgivable now, and at Judgement.
    Why is it that you don't condemn those are in an unsanctified marriage, after leaving their marriage which was Sanctified by God( whatever God put together. let no man put asunder), adulterers. Those that are in an unsanctified marriage and commit sin every day they decide to remain in their adulterous relationships?
    It's no more a sin to be a democrat, than it is republican, liberal, or independent, but it is a life of sin when adulterers remarry.
    Didn't Jesus tell the adultress, sin no more?

    I guess you are also one of those pro-lifers as well, justified and so forth.
    There is no problem with that , but consider what Jesus said to the pharisees when he said, you create commandments but never lift a finger to help the least of your congregations.
    Isn't that the way it is. How many unwanted babies are adopted and provided for by those that advocate pro-life, no matter? I can probably answer that and say, zero to none.
    Yes, Congresswoman Bachman adopted 20+ children, everyone of them she is getting welfare for, some $46 others up to a $100 or more per day. Yes, she and people like her want children to be born regardless, but they want the government to raise them.
    Is that Christian charity when the reasons for not aborting a child converts to money.
    Churches that ave become den of thieves, is that coll with you? They are all whoring with the system that is in place, and all systems in the world, no matter what they are called are under the dominion of Satan.
    Didn't satan offer Jesus the whole world, if he would only worship satan?

    Jesus said that you judge a tree by its fruits.

    And it says in the Bible unless a person has the Holy Spirit in them , they can not say that their salvation is through Christ. Obama said it and what is the terrible crime he has committed against God, as a work?
    Trying to secure insurance for those that are the neediest?  What is his crime?
    As I said, Obama has confessed Jesus as Saviour and anyone that calls the Spirit in him , evil is in danger of committing the only unforgivable sin in the Bible, Blashemy.
    Like Jesus told the pharisees, say whatever you like about me, say whatever you want about Obama, but when you say the Spirit in me that heals is evil, you have blasphemed and that is a sin that will never be forgiven.

    I will pray for you,
    Charles Slakan
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    My name is Steven Drago I live in Davis California and am a bonified Christian son of God that worship My 3 creators with the 7th Day Adventist Denomination and as for Church & State Sepertion we know that will come to an end because evil is getting stronger. all the churches in North america are geting smaller while our is going up. why do I say this because for the last 54 years this world reprogramed By evil and not you has waged a nonstop battle to exterminate My life but it's not me it's My Savior who has taken hit after hit and survived so now HE has take the lead and has begun to assemble His people in the church prayer warriors by the 10's of thousands to call upon the Lord to seal His people with HIS invinsible spirit. to ecourage you jut to see if you'll try walking another path Read not just the bible but the writting of Ellen G. White no other woman in worl history has written more and to this Yery day all teh prophecies has Been bang on and all the eveidence will be collected to show Our god is trrue long after the constitution and the bill of rights are gone.if this offends you prayer can heal you.His mind is not violent or bent on overpowering anyone my life is proof but it's not the only one there could be several hundred million out there we know that most are in sunday keeping church waiting for the call to come out and at the right time they will so you don't have a lot f time. this word will not last 30 years and maybe less then half of that so think about it while crime and death continues it's march to death or would you like wait until the roman church has it's last say. By for now
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    It looks like the video I posted was removed. It's fixed now so you can watch it.
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    Well the video doesn't play anymore but it seems that this thread has been derailed to random Bible quotes that really have no relevance to the topic. I suppose I could join in. The Bible says:

    Yet she became more and more promiscuous as she recalled the days of her youth, when she was a prostitute in Egypt. There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.

    We as a people should never forget Ezekiel 23:19-21
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    We can expect more of this kind of nonesense for one simple reason. The democrats cant run on their record or accomplishments. They dont have any. Democrats progressives socilaists, compassion fascists, wealth redistributionists, or whatever they call themselves today have had their chance at bat and they struck out. They had all the power to implement their ideas and they ran the economy into the ground, exploded the debt, destroyed jobs, increased the cost of energy and food, shut down oil drilling in the gulf, devalued the dollar, retreated from defendimg world freedom, and blamed everyone else including the weather for their failure. Whats left for them to run on? Republicans are evil religous fanatics.
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    Run the economy into the ground, how so? When Clinton left office, the economy was booming. The Bush adiminsitration and the Republican congress left Obama with major recession, a collapsing economy and a massive proposed bailout bill.

    Exploded the debt? Under Clinton, there was a budget surplus that would have had the debt paid off in 50 years. Pointless tax cuts for the super rich and a massively pointless war in Iraq increased the debt to unmanageable proportions. The Republican controlled congress has completely locked out any attempts that Dems have made to change anything.

    What jobs have been destroyed?

    Energy costs have skyrocketed because of the increasing instability in the Middle East, not Dems

    Not sure if you missed it, but there was a giant oil spill recently in the Gulf, contaminating a major food source, destroying thousands of jobs, and doing irreversible damage to the environment. Shutting down drilling until free-market negligence no longer threatens the well-being and rights of U.S. citizens in this way is perfectly reasonable.

    Devalued the dollar? Again, when Clinton was in charge, the value of the dollar was increasing.

    Where have Dems retreated from freedom?

    You make all these accusations and place blame, but the evidence and facts are against you. Republicans like to blame Obama for what is going on, but that is the equivalent of blaming Lincoln for the Civil War. Obama inherited all of these problems from the Bush Administration. You can't criticizing the Obama Administration for their ideas failing, the Republicans have not let any of those ideas be implemented. The government is stuck in a state of in-action.

    You are right that Dems have had their chance, but they came far from striking out. Under Clinton, the domestic aspects of the country were better than they have been in 20 years. Bush found a way to completely crush that though and leave Obama in a terrible situation.

    Also, Republicans aren't evil religious fanatics, but evil religious fanatics tend to be Republican.
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    I like that last part:
    "Republicans aren't evil religious fanatics, but evil religious fanatics tend to be Republican."

    What a quote! Thanks Zach F. That was awesome.


    I'm in the anti-Clinton wing of the Democratic Party. So I obviously disagree with the Clinton narrative in your response.

    I say all our economic problems began with the Clinton surplus, and it's not like Republicans didn't help bring them about.

    I'm a Democrat of the highest order....and my disgust and anger w/ the former president stretches back to his days as Team President of my beloved Texas Rangers. The Jose Canseco for Bobby Witt, Jeff Russel, and Ruben Sierra trade was a dishonest baseball decision, with the sole goal of boosting attendance to help sell Arlington on a new taxpayer funded stadium (which as the son of POTUS, Dubya was brought on board to bring Presidential favors to the project).

    So what follows is by no means an endorsement of the man, but of the idea:

    Remember when Dubya said that 'when government runs a surplus, that means it's taking too much money out of the economy'? Well, he was right.
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    But the surplus was being used to lower the debt. Lowering the debt to the point where the NYC Debt Clock was turned off. It wasn't an unused surplus at all.

    I was a bit young at the time of Clinton's presidency, and I grew up in a household that hates all Republicans but I've always thought he was a decent president, domestically. Internationally, I think he was terrible. As someone who is finishing up a history degree, the last really good President, in my opinion, was Teddy Roosevelt. I'm not even a big fan of FDR, I know that is borderline blasphemy on this site, but it's true. Wilson and Eisenhower weren't too bad but they were very ineffective.

    This forum is segwaying more and more!
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    Hey....I bought the Clinton narrative hook, line, and sinker, too. Problem was all wrong, and I'm not afraid to admit mistakes made by myself or my Party.

    When our gov't runs a surplus....the non-US government sector (domestic private sector & Capital Account) cannot net-save in dollars. That would be impossible. Horizontal money creation nets to zero (and below) in sum of dollars actually "created"....when you take out a loan and recieve an asset (debits to your account) you also carry a debt as a liability, which is an asset to the bank that lent to you. So when the government takes out more money than it introduces in the economy as a sovereign issuer of currency....there is simply no way for the private system to net-save in dollars. There's not enough dollars to save. Assets cannot cover liabilities....the non-US government sector nets a deficit.
    Now, how can the entire private system run a deficit? know how banks only keep some of the deposits on hand to account for demand withdrawals from accounts? Well, so long as debts in the private system are paid as they come due (which is possible to a certain threshold crossed in 2007-2008), the entire domestic private system can run annual deficits. However, net-private deficits simply leave little room for error...before the interbank lending freeze in the fall of reserves literally vibrated. Banks accounted for payment imbalances by the second...that's the power of electronic banking and finance. Transactions now occur in hyper-real time. However, w/ government deficits peaking at well above 1.5 trillion dollars and actions by the Federal Reserve to control interest rates...banks have been loaded down with reserves...reducing the potential for another interbank lending crash in a liquidity pinch.
    This is serious, serious shit. Banks have to be able to lend to one another in order for economic transactions to occur in a credit based society.
    And they have to have confidence in the reliability in those that they lend to. They are not reserve constrained. They can lend to credit worthy borrowers at any time and borrow at cheaper rates to cover capital and reserve requirements.

    The surplus dollars used to pay off the a swap of two financial assets. Treasury securities are effectively "monetarized"...they can be used as a medium of exchange in transactions..they are not unrealized assets...they have value now and more with time. They are interest bearing notes...representing what amounts to a savings account at the FED (the government's banker). The term structure of interest paid is highly orchestrated to serve the purpose of issuing Treasury securities: to drain excess bank reserves. In normal operations....the FED does not want the overnight interbank market to fall to zero...because the target is usually more than zero. 1.) we don't want the interest on the interbank market swinging from zero to infinity over the course of the year...depending upon the Treasury's daily impact on account balances in the private system. On days when the private system needs dollars to keep the payment system solvent (when Treasury deposits exceed debits at its account at the FED)....the FED buys securities to boost bank reserves to levels necessary to keep the interbank market from crashing. W/o gov't stepping's merely a game of musical chairs. Someone must be left out when the music stops, and if economic stability is desirable we should not play this game. 2.) The interest paid by banks to each other...acts as a sort of tax on the financial system. These are reserves that are simply floating back and forth b/n banks. So when demand-pull inflation is a concern, you do not want the interbank market trading reserves near zero-percent interest. * we have mild supply side inflation (i.e. energy price increases). 

    The coffee was good today. I'm probably gonna repost all this somewhere else. We need a Clinton Economic discussion thread.
    I'm not done. I have only just begun. I'm out to explain myself in full.
    Deficit Owls Unite!

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