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Glenn Beck's 5 Steps of Control for George Soros To Rule The Country

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    This is Glenn Beck's list of how George Soro's is trying to control the country, in five simple steps:

    1. Form a shadow government; use humanitarian aid as "cover" (subversive activites)
    2. Control the airwaves.
    3. Destabilize the state.  Weaken Government and build anti-government
    4. Provoke an election crisis
    5. Take Power - Stage Demonstrations

    Do these steps sound familiar? 

    Sounds to me like what Rupert Murdoch is doing and some could argue has done with News Corp. (Fox News)
    He argues that Soros gives money to corrupt organizations with ties to media outlets like the Huffington Post.
    Well, some have tied Fox News to corrupt Saudi poiliticans through humanitarian efforts.  Sounds similiar.
    Destabilize the state, provoke an election crisis and take power, stage demonstrations.  Hmmm, sounds like Fox News and the Tea Party demonstrations and the news and coverage and support Fox gives them.

    In fact, with all the steps above, I could argue that Murdoch is doing or has done the EXACT same thing.  Beck is running is mouth on his own insane conspiracy theory ideas.  This show should have a disclaimer that banners throughout the whole show saying, " Glenn Beck is a crazy person.  In no way do his crazy ideas represent the ideas of Fox News or its affiliates."

    Agree? Disagree?