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America has an eye for Greenland

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    Rachel Maddow's show from last night demonstrates why Denmark is MUCH smarter than Donald Trump:

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    that guy in AZ Wrote:

    Believe it or not, Trump's offer to buy Greenland is not the first time that America has offered to buy Greenland. The first time was in 1860, and the 2nd was in 1946. The 1946 offer was a cool $100,000,000, which is equivalent to more than $2 billion in today's money.

    The problem is that there is NO COMPELLING REASON to buy Greenland.

    We already have an airbase in the north, which covers our military needs.

    Greenland is said to have plentiful natural resources, but unless you're willing to drill through a mile of ice to get to them, they aren't going anywhere.

    The article below explains the 11 reasons that it would be advantageous to buy Greenland - and it also lists 11 reasons why none of them make any sense.

    There really is no reason for Denmark to keep supporting Greenland, but the country is doing so largely out of national pride.

    Trump's offer is simply an extension of his own ideas of owning things.

    It made no sense to purchase the Trump Princess - but he did it any way.

    It made no sense to buy Eastern Airlines - but he did it anyway.

    It made no sense to buy the Plaza Hotel in New York for an outrageous price - but he did it anyway.

    It made no sense to open a third casino in Atlantic City - but he did it anyway.

    (Reasons of State: Why Didn’t Denmark Sell Greenland?

    Denmark turned down 100m USD from the USA; I discuss how this was a bad ideatopics: politics, charity
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    I like to add: It did made no sense to buy 727's for his "shuttle"; but did it anyway; result "bankruptcy" I advised him on it, but he "knew" better as has been proven until now.