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Uganda Anti-Gay Bill to Become Law!!!!

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    Reference: Truthout, Uganda Anti-Gay Bill to Become Law, October 29, 2010

    For anyone who has been following the events in Uganda on Rachel Maddow or websites, it is absolutely appalling that these hate laws that would impose life sentences or the death penalty on gay people should be taking place in Uganda.

    A local Uganda newspaper promoting the hatred went so far as to "publish a list of gays and lesbians, along with their names and addresses and a yellow banner on the side reading, "hang them." The paper also said "that homosexuals are raiding schools and recruiting children," resulting in at attacks on gay people.

    The question I have is how did these Ugandans learn such bigotry in the first place? Just take a look at the American Christian missionaries and politicians like James Inhofe that visit the country and promote the anti-gay agenda.

    Yet for many in the Christian fundamentalist community in America, their silence on this matter should be a reason for concern.  Or is the Ugandan legislation just a dry run on what that Christian fundamentalist community ultimately wants to achieve in the United States? I haven't heard Sarah Palin or Joe Miller or Sharron Angle or Ken Buck denounce Ugnada's actions...or for that matter many of our elected politicians.

    Amy Goodman of Democracy Now interviewed Jeff Sharlet, author of C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy on this subject. Quoting Sharlet, "You go back to David Bahati, the member of Parliament who is doing this, and Minister of Ethics James Nsaba Buturo, and their connections are even a little higher up. They’re with people like Senator Jim Inhofe, who’s been over to visit with them and teach them, as they put it, how to manage their society according to Jesus. John Ashcroft has been over to visit them. So you see this is kind of—this goes just from a rogue megachurch in Las Vegas, which is very important—we’ve got to concentrate that—all the way to the kind of—the right flank of the Republican Party."

    These are the hate mongers in America, taking their hate philosophy to Uganda and other countries in Africa where it is under the radar screens of American media.