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Are we ignoring Hydropower?

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    I found this information very interesting..

    Hydropower produces 97% of all electricity produced by renewable resources.  All the others combined, solar, wind, geothermal and biomass add up to 3%.  This is done with dams built on rivers with hydropower plants.

    That being said, there are some environmental problems with building dams to produce the electricity; those being blocking of natural flow of rivers, impeding natural wildlife and fish and depleting of overall athestic value of our natural parks and rivers.

    Info from:
    Hydroelectric Power

    It's clear we need to find other sources for our growing energy demands.  Do you think hydropower could be the answer?  Should we focus on turning more dams into hydro plants and building more dams?  Let me know what you think..
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    Sure, Hydro doesn't pollute the air. But it still damages the environment.

    Do you like wild salmon? Don't build another dam on the west coast. In fact two small hydro generators on the Klamath River are being removed to improve water quality and prevent the extinction of the salmon.

    Other renewables have lesser impacts on the earth. Like the 40 acre photovoltaic project going in near Kettleman City, California.
    The latest thin film technology is bringing the price of PV panels down below $1/watt.
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    We can use the action of tides to generate power with out building dams.