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A few hundred votes...and a different history

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    In Florida in 2000,  some 6 million people voted, but another 2.5 million eligible registered voters didn't vote, maybe because they were too lazy to vote, or perhaps they didn't take the time to understand the issues and felt they couldn't vote intelligently, or they were disenfranchised by Katherine Harris and didn't stand up for the right to vote or maybe they had moved or died. But think about it. If just a few hundred eligible voters out of those 2.5 million had made the extra effort, we might not have had George Bush as President.

    And maybe when the warning signs for al Qaeda planning to attack America were blinking red, a different President Gore would have taken some action instead of going back to cutting mesquite at his ranch for a whole month as George Bush did.  And maybe the 9/11 attack would have been averted. All it would have taken is to put airports on alert...that didn't happen.

    And even if 9/11 happened, I'm sure that a President Gore would not have embarked on a foolish war in Iraq, one of the dumbest moves by a President in America's history.

    And the budget that Bill Clinton balanced would still be balanced because we wouldn't have spent trillions on such things as the Iraq War and tax cuts for the rich and an unfunded prescription drug program. 

    And when two Supreme Court justices retired, we wouldn't have replaced them with right wingers Roberts and Alito, and the Citizens United challenge would have been defeated.

    Lots of would haves, could haves, should haves...that's history.  November 2nd is just 5 weeks away.  Every vote counts...every vote matters whether it's a local,state or federal candidate, or a local issue.  They are all important...take a stand and VOTE!

    Those who stand for nothing fall for anything. -- Alexander Hamilton