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Sharron Angle and "Second Amendment Remedies"

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    Sharron Angle has on more than one occasion mentioned "Second Amendment Remedies" as an alternative if Harry Reid wins the Senate race in Nevada.  She has been deliberately vague about what she means by Second Amendment Remedies, but the innuendo should be quite clear to many.  She is advocating violence against a member of our Congress.  In some countries she could be arrested for inciting violence.

    Now finally, Danny Tarkanian, the Republican Senate candidate defeated by Sharron Angle has spoken out against Angle's Second Amendment Remedies:

    Now, I've been on the campaign trail, and I heard a lot of people say to me, you know, why do we have our Second Amendment rights, it's to, so the public can overthrow the government if they fail to respond to the government's will. That may be all good and well, but I'm not going to take the position that we need a civil uprising to overthrow our government.

    Too bad other Republicans don't follow Tarkaian's lead. But with the Republican Tea Party collective, that is not possible.