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Abstinence is ignorance is a kid having sex

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    Abstinence only education is one of the most ridiculus ideas I have ever heard of. It's right up there with prohibition of alcohol.

    First, basic human desire is to want something they are told they cannot have.
    Second, if people are not educated about the pros and cons, many will not care and do it anyway.

    So basically, by only telling kids to not have sex and nothing else, we have created a group of ignorant kids having lots of sex.

    Now, I personally think sex is great. But I understand the risks fully and all the signs of pregnancy, and understand about STD's. I'm sure that if I had a better sex education while in school, that I might understand more even now. I was not taught anything about sex education in school what so ever, as many of my classmates and friends. I know about 10 people, of those whom I've had this conversation with, who all were having sex before they were 14. That is before high school.

    The risks to our children are too great. They should be taught about sex and what is in middle school and it should be taught responsibly. With age, responsibility comes. It is life. This stage of childrens life happens before they drive cars, before they start drinking, before most large events in life. This is one of those large events and one that most parents miss completely. 

    So don't encourage your children to have sex by increasing their curiosity but saying no forever. Don't let them remain ignorant. Teach them.
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    Its a very despicable situation our public schools are facing with this whole "abstinence only"  agenda.  

    Most or all of these abstinence only programs are religiously motivated and have no place in the public schools, not to mention the fact that a lot of these programs have some government funding all part of the "Faith Based Initiative" instituted by Bush Jr (NO I DON'T MISS HIM!!!) and re-newed by Obama.  My tax dollars should not be funding these religious groups!!!